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I'm going to be buying a car soon and I'm looking for some suggestions. My original choice on a car was a 2000 Trans Am. The problem was I can't afford the insurance on it.

I'm hoping to buy a Domestic car, but I'm still willing to take a look at any other cars that any of you suggest. I'm looking for a car with good speed and good looking as well. I'm trying to spend under 15k, but I could go over that if I find something I'm really interested in.

Thanks for any help

posted by  Revenga444

a granprix GTP would be good. supercharged and all... plus, not common. we actually have one at my dealership, and its byfar the coolest (used) domestic car we have on our lot. i use it for all the errends i need to run for work i.e. picking up people, or cars

posted by  mazda6man

I would say a used camaro but isn't that like a carbon copy of the trans am? Even the engines are exactly the same...not to mention the appearance. Jeeze GM are cheap asses.

Ok I know you want a domestic but I am gonna suggest an 03 honda accord. They are made in the US (lol) and you'd get the new generation styling as opposed to getting an old generation styling for an 01 car. You could probably get one with the v6 for less than 14k.

Also it's available as coupe or sedan.

Ok I'm done.

posted by  Bronxie

I second the GTP. Also, Buick supercharged a Regal a few years ago, something like 240hp. I'd imagine insurance wouldn't be too bad for those.

posted by  giant016

DONT BUY A GT if you want a fast car. GT mustangs are piss slow. The 4th gen Z28 and T/As will kill them.

GTPs are cool and ive seen some with just pulleys intake and exhaust run 13.4s. Thats pretty damn quick for a family hauler.

I never really liked the accords or pretty much any honda for that matter but you kow.

posted by  Enthusiast

Thanks for the suggestions, I'm going to look into the GTP and the Regal.

Also, the '86-92 Camaro is pretty good for insurance... What are some other good cars from around those years?

posted by  Revenga444

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