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Ok i have a couple questions that i would love answers to ( i no little about cars so please keep it simple)

1. I drive a 2000 grand am se with the v6 i think a 3.4 liter.how much hp do you think it has. I herd estimates from 170 to 200 and how much torque does it have?

2. I'm thinking about getting a hood scoop, i've herd that ram air ones were the best but what is it? i know they force air into the engine to increase horsepower but dont all hood scoops? What is a good model and how much do they usually run for?

3. I want to get a remote start for it. What is good model and how much are they?

Thanks, any answers would be great. Please remeber i know very little about cars and any help i can get would be great.

posted by  neil3184

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