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this is what I know so far....96 eagle talon...about 140,000 could be a less as 100k .supposedly needs a new head, radiator (damaged in a crash) and front fenders....and a paint job...that is just from a guy, a mechanic that was going to work on it..the radiator and fenders will come from a 97 mitubishi eclispe we have...any advice....not having a licenses mech work on it...someone who "fixes" up cars...from what i have read on this same subject...i should have a certifed mech give it a once over and let me know what is wrong etc.. I am afraid once we let them start fixing it up...other problems will arise....PLUS what about all the recalls i have seen on it...joints and engine problems....how do i know if it need to be fixed and was or was not....i have only owned a 89 toyota corolla brand new and now own a 97 geo prizm (a toyota in disquise i believe) and I am used to a reliable and easy to maintain cars...my geo has 190,000 and is in great shape and we maintain it well...any advise on this eagle talon......would be so much appreciated!!!! thanks!!!

posted by  seasea

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