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Any help on this topic would be great. (I no its kinda a involved question but i do need help)
I want to buy a hood scoop for my car (2000 grand am). So i was telling my friend about it and he told me how thier are a bunch of different kinds I didn't know that. He mentioned a Cowell Induction or a Ram Air hood and said i can also get them made from different material like fiberglass and such. So what kinds are out thier and what's the main difference.

posted by  neil3184

You can just get one of those fake glue-on ones from autozone

posted by  Bronxie

OH really thanks, you ****ing asshole. I joined this site hopeing to learn some new shit but I guess you all are just a bunch of assholes, if i new everything about cars i wouldn't of joined this site, all i wanted was a little help and guidance and all i get is a half ass answer so **** this site. You are all a bunch of stuck up ****ing assholes who need learn that some people dont know everything about cars and learn to help people, **** you guys im out.

posted by  neil3184

he didnt need to say that, after all, look at what bronxie has under his name:laughing:

posted by  True_Brit

Well, we don't want you here...to be honest, you're the one that's stuck up, by suming the whole of CF up by one response to your thread...Good going...:cussing:

posted by  Cliffy

regardless of what the other guys said if your wallets a little bit thicker that most guys who improve there car i would personally go with carbon fiber its strong lightweight but a bit on the expensive side personally i would buy a replacement hood that already has a hood scoop on it just make shure it fits right because you dont want to cut it if it gets into your skin it hurts worse than gettin kicked in the nuts believe me i know i grabbed one that broke and it hurt like hell and it itches way worse than fiberglass :thumbs: :mrgreen:

posted by  nate wesselink

Wow I was kidding. Looks like you need a time-out.

posted by  Bronxie

I honestly don't think a glue on would be that bad of an idea. I don't see his car greatly benefiting from a real ram air hood performance-wise. Seems like $ down the drain to me. If you want it to look real good it's going to cost some decent bread, just doesn't seem worth it to em for a 2000 Grand Am.:2cents:

posted by  giant016

Dude, that response to Bronxie was totally uncalled for ... and your car's a peice of shit anyway, there's no reason not to give it a fake air scoop. Putting a good fiberglass scoop on a grand am would be like putting $300 running shoes on a paralyzed man.
Bonus--they're only 20 bucks or so.

posted by  smallangryneon

im not gonna tell you off for that, im just gonna wait till someone else does

posted by  nighthawk

I'd be a bit reluctant about getting carbon fiber...it scratches really easily.

posted by  chris_knows

What part were you refering to? I didn't particularly like what he wrote, mainly because he's opening old wounds so to speak. I guess the bit about trainers on a paralysed man is inapropriate....and the car being a POS?..lol, what the hell, I'll ignor him this time...:banghead: :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

I thought it was because he said "putting $300 running shoes on a paralyzed man."
What? So it's okay to do that for a woman? :laughing: JP

posted by  chris_knows


posted by  Cliffy

well sort of because he drives an old neon and he is saying a grand am is a POS

thats like me saying someones 300C is a POS

posted by  nighthawk

it is isnt it:laughing:
only kidding!

posted by  True_Brit

I think he drives other cars too, not just a neon.

posted by  Bronxie

Actually, the only other vehicle I have right now is a Chevy W/T. I use it to haul stuff. It doesn't break down as much as most chevies, oddly enough. I actually bought the cavalier I used to have because I liked the truck and I assumed that the cavalier would be somewhere near the same quality.

posted by  smallangryneon

OK, PC-boy ... a paralyzed PERSON. :laughing:

posted by  smallangryneon

I had no issue with the political correctness, lol

posted by  Cliffy

its english to be polittically correct :laughing:

posted by  True_Brit

Well, I walked into a bit of a flaming huh? Anyway, my name is SKYNETRP, and I am new here and need a little help.

I drive a Mitsubishi 3000GT SL N/A, and it is modded pretty good. so far I am at about 275 HP (from stock 222 HP) and will be at over 300 HP when it is all said and done.

I have a CAI on her (if you can really call it a CAI at this point, pfffffft), and I need to actually make it a true CAI. At least the filter is actually closed off from the engine bay completely up to the hood. I want to cut a small hole in the hood and put a mini-scoop directly over the encased K&N filter so the air is "ram air" and actually "cold air" (ambient anyway) instead of pumping 250 degree engine bay air into the plenum.

I already have the new "Plenum Spacer" that completely kills off ALL of the superheated engine bay air right down to about 70 degrees or so....I was very suprised at how well it really works. Before it would literally burn your hand if you touched it, and now it isn't even warm to the touch, pretty kewl. Do any of you have any ideas about what kind of scoop will work and where I can get it? I want it to have a louver door on it so I can close it off when it is raining hard.

While you are returning replies.........think about this one........I am currently about to rout my car's A/C unit directly into the CAI pipe right at the throttle body, adding 40 degree air to the 70 degree air coming in from the CAI, which should give me an even 55 degree air flow verses the normal 250+ degree engine bay air.......giving me about a 180 degree difference which calculates to roughly a consistant 22% HP increase when combined with the CAI's CFM increase, and injecting more fuel, and a timing advance to burn the fuel/air mix evenly and completely. It actually computes to 27%, but you have to deduct 5% for the A/C units power draw from the engine, leaving a 22% HP increase. That's about 49 added HP in my 3000GT. What do you think?

BTW.........I already have the Twin Turbo Exhaust on this car which greatly increased my air outflow along with a custom Down Pipe, and removed the Cat and put a Test Pipe in, that is way less restrictive. I believe my system is pretty even all the way around right now, but I am certainly open for suggestions. If you guys and gals know of ANY way to choke out a few more HP short of 4" pistons, 750 cc Injectors, or Cam Shafts......please let me know!

posted by  SKYNETRP

i think it'll be hot in the cabin now :mrgreen:

posted by  windsonian

Before I post this, I already know that a bunch of you guys are going to say that this is a rip off and doesn't work, but I am here to tell you that I have installed one myself on a friends car and the difference was incredible.

This is NOT one of those plastic "turbo looking" hair dryer things that do absolutely nothing. This thing spools up at 25,300 RPM in 1/10th of a second, and only at "WOT" and forces over 800cfm (single unit) or 1360cfm (double unit) of air at your throttle body. Now everyone knows that even a 5.0L Mustang can only gulp down 470cfm, leaving all that extra pressure to stay built up to a decent 1psi (single) or 1.7psi (double unit), which is not enough to harm ANY engine. Now I know that's not a lot of power, but it is substantial enough to make a definite difference in the seat of your pants AND at the DYNO as well. It comes out to be about a 7% HP increase in the single unit and about a 12% increase in the double unit....not bad huh? It is a fact that every 1 psi equals a 7% HP increase (if you do not heat up the air) and every 40 degrees of temperature drop equals a 6% HP increase.

No one could believe the performance difference that this thing made. It's called the eRam Electric Supercharger, although it is hardly what I would call "Super". It adds a mild 1 psi with a single unit, and a very decent 1.7 psi with the double unit and only at wide open throttle (WOT). I dyno'ed it and I drove it, and it is amazing for such a cheap price: $299 for single, and $598 for the double (which I highly reccommend) to perform so well. Will you guys go and check it out online? I am about to buy the double unit in a few weeks.

My project and personal goal is to take an N/A DOHC 3000GT SL and break the 200 MPH mark WITHOUT adding any major hardware like larger pistons, larger injectors or camshafts, or turbochargers or true superchargers. Right now I have managed to hit 184 MPH with my existing mods and that was at redline and it took a while to get there. I got to 160 MPH rather quickly and in 4th gear. 5th gear took me to 184 MPH but man I was screamin and I was burning 100 octane.

I believe that with the double eRam, and the hood scoop over the K&N, and the A/C routed into the Throttle Body via CAI, and the ECU retuned to match the new Fuel/Air flow, I can reach the 200 MPH mark and not at redline. What do you think?

posted by  SKYNETRP

That's just it, I am not going to rout it ALL to the CAI, I will still have A/C in the cabin, I just don't know how much. I need a few suggestions on how to do this routing. I want to be able to control the amount of air going into the throttle body with my interior A/C fan controls. You got any ideas?

posted by  SKYNETRP

how does extra HP increase top speed? if it is redlined, it is redlined, extra HP doesn't change the gear ratio. no matter how much HP you have, it will still red line at the same speed, you just might get there faster, and higher octane fuel doesn't change the gear ratio either.:2cents:

posted by  dvdrose18

Are you saying that if I put in 4" pistons, 750cc injectors, a full race cam, and a full blown 20psi supercharger in my car that it won't go any faster than it does now? Are you nuts? OF COURSE IT WILL. More HP and higher octane will definitely get me there at a faster speed AND a faster time. Think about it.......you don't have to change out your tranny or your rear end unless you add so much HP that the torque alone will break it......and then you just put in a heavier duty tranny. This car will red line with a 100 HP engine in it, but it won't be doing 184 when it hits the red.......and if I had 600 HP in here, I am sure the top end would be a LOT higher at red line. The SOHC version of the 3000 GT is only 164 HP and it red lines at about 128 MPH in 5th gear, and it has the exact same tranny, rear end and gear ratio as my DOHC GT SL that redlined at 184 MPH. Well.....I am going to hit 200 MPH, and I will not be at redline when I do it, I promise you that. I was barely into the red (7000 RPM) at 184, but man it screams there. I think the added HP I will get from the Super eRam should do the trick with plenty of room left over. I only need 16 more MPH.

I was told by the dealer that this car was designed after Ferrarri. I didn't believe him so I went and looked, and he was right. The front end on this car looks pretty similar to one of the early 1990's Ferrarri 512 Testerosas' with the flip up lights, clear flash lenses below the light covers, and the front spoiler and fog lights (only on one particular year though), the door interiors and exteriors are the same style and shape including the mirrors, and the seats are extremely close, almost identical, but that's where is all ends, LOL.

The interior looks a LOT like the early Ferrarri 555, especially the dash, almost identical in every way. The main instrumentation (Speedo, Tach, Gas, etc.) is located under a single rounded dash hump in front of the steering wheel, and the other guages are located 3 in a row side by side under 3 smaller dash humps to the right of the steering wheel, exactly like the 3000 GT. And then the stereo and A/C etc., is in a very similar shaped center console that drops down below the 3 guages. The only difference I could see is that the 555 didn't have the back part of the padded center console where you rest your arm. Even the glove box portion of the dash was very similar to the 3000 GT.

The fast back rear door is a lot like another Ferrarri 635 I saw. I was shocked to see how very similar these features are to the 3000 GT. Of course it is all different after that. Pretty kewl I think. But could I go as far as to say that the 3000 GT is the Japanese Ferrarri? If it weren't for the fact that most of these Ferrarri's are rear engine 12 cylinder beasts, I guess I could. Let's just say that the 3000 GT is Japan's version of a 6 cylinder front wheel drive Ferrarri.....heh heh!!

One thing is for sure.....I have never driven a 6 cylinder sports car with only 222 HP that was any where NEAR as fast as this 3000 GT. When I first got this car, I took it up to 160 with NO MODS, and a lot more gas peddal to go too. I was amazed at how fast this thing accellerates too. I can easily say that this car stock is faster out the gate and much faster top end than most 8 cylinder American made cars today, no kidding. I looked up the history of this car in Japan, and that's when I found out that the engine in this car is a Japanese race car engine to start with. It revs up and takes off a lot quicker than most 6 cylinder or 8 cylinder factory passenger cars from America. It's hard to believe that it only uses 222 HP stock and doesn't seem to have a lot of ft/lbs either for the amount of speed she generates.

The 3000 GT is still called a "GTO" in Japan, and was built as a GT Racing car (LeMans style racing) that was put on the streets with just a few mods to slow it down a little. It is very easy to unleash that HP with very little hardware. When I am done, it will have about 326 HP, and all I will have done to it is increase the air/fuel ratios, increase the CFM of nice cold 55 degree air to about 300CFM, and take out all the intake AND exhaust air restrictions by using 3" smooth Mandrel bent pipes throughout the system, and throw in 1.75 psi for good measure. Of course, I will have to plug in the old lap top to the ECU and tune her real nice, and maybe sing to her, and tell her a bedtime story. Her name is "Little Red".....go figure!

BTW.....can you tell that I love my car?

posted by  SKYNETRP

okay first of all, your stock N/A 3000GT never did 160 mph with planty of pedal left, no point in lying here, we know the difference

second of all, 326 hp will never get you to 200mph, unless you are driving a streamliner or something like that

third of all, if you redline at 126 in 5th gear with 222 hp
you will also redline at 126 in 5th with 600 hp as well

the only way to change top speed is ethier to alter the gears in your car. or possibly raise the redline to something like 9000rpm or more

and finally, necropost

and welcome to CF:thumbs:

posted by  nighthawk

lol love it :clap:

posted by  07exlv6


Hang on a second......I already got it to 184 MPH at 275 HP, I only need 16 more MPH and I will have another 50 HP when I'm done. You telling me I can't get 16 more MPH out of 50 more HP? Are you sure? I'm telling ya, the SOHC redlines at 128 MPH in 5th gear and mine redlines at 184 with all the mods in 5th, and 160 without them with the exact same tranny, and yes, I had an inch or two of peddal left at 160....that's plenty......I just ran out of what I consider usable safe RPM's. BUT, I am bad about not liking to go past 7000 RPM if I don't have to, even though it is supposed to be OK at 8000, even 8500 I have been told. But it sounds like it is going to explode at 7500.....the revs are so damned high, ear piercing actually. My 3000 GT is a Generation 1 with a Gen 1 ECU, the best of all the 3000 GT models to reprogram. Plus I think that the Ferrarri pop up lights are the kewlest.

BTW......I am ONLY refering to the GEN 1 DOHC 3000 GT SL Model.......NO GEN 2'S OR GEN 3'S. They are not able to be tuned like the GEN 1 because the GEN 1 already has almost NO RESTRICTIONS and you can easilly program almost anything you want to in that GEN 1 ECU and I have been told that you cannot program the 2's or 3's the way you can a 1. Speed limiter.....Rev Limiter....what's that? LOL!

And BTW.with an American built car I would totally agree with you about not reaching 200 MPH with only 326 HP, but these Japanese Mitsubishi racing engines get a HELL of a lot more speed per HP than I have personally ever seen on ANY car. During my long tedius life I have owned a 72 Vette, a BMW 520 Euro, a real nice Datsun 240Z, a 69 Camaro (in 1973!), a 78 Porche 911, 58 Chevy, 57 Bellaire, all set to run fast, and none of them impressed me as much in HP verses speed as the 3000 GT....except for maybe the 911, I loved that car.

Have you ever heard of a stock 6 cylinder even doing 160? I don't know what they did to make this engine so damned fast, but I truly respect this car's ability with such short HP. I am thinking that maybe the stroke is a lot shorter, kind of like a 2 stroke verses a 4 stroke in motorcycle engines,just a guess. I did notice that these are quick reving engines and fast off the line. I noticed that the car had the quickest acceration at about 3/4 peddal and would knock you back in your seat in the first 3 gears, but if you tried it WOT it was noticably slower which told me to repregram the fuel/air flow map to run a lot richer.....that fixed it right away. So the stories about factory programming being run real lean in order to give better gas milage is true.

I get 0-60 in 5 seconds flat, and I can get that down to 4.5 seconds with a better clutch and a short throw shifter......that's fast man. I only wish I could get to 60 in 1st gear.....I bet I could do it in 4 seconds flat that way if she'd keep pulling hard through 7500 RPM. Unfortunately, I can only get to 45 MPH in 1st gear which is kind of dissapointing. I think the gear ratio's could have been a little better and more consistant in this tranny. I keep wondering if I am better off with the 6 speed tranny version (TT/VR4) for this car? After all, I am already hitting speeds that the twin turbo was meant to do. The weight differencs in the VR4 just doesn't justify the the whole concept of a turbo version, that's why I think they went with twin turbo......maybe an after thought? Or just an end to justify the means? I chose a Non Turbo N/A because I didn't want the hassle and expence of TWO turbos to deal with, PLUS I knew I could get the N/A model to run damned near as fast with the right modifications and the lessor weight, and I was right.

This car has already been put up against a bunch of both non-modded SOHC & DOHC N/A 3000 GT's, a couple of Stealths (which are not near as fast or as classy as the Mitsubishi's IMHO) and a few non-modded Twin Turbo's.....and they were all pretty impressed with the way these N/A cars respond to the better inexpensive mods combined with Windows based tuning software. Keep in mind I am ONLY referring to the GEN 1 DOHC 3000 GT SL'S.....NOT THE GEN 2 NOR THE GEN 3'S.

posted by  SKYNETRP

I was going to argue and bring up stats, but I'm not going to bother. If you haven't figured out by now, you're not going to listen to me. Either somebody screwed with your speedo, you're looking at KPH, or you're just plain bullshitting. Even the VR4s top out at 155mph, nevermind 160 with plenty left. 200mph is hard to do even if you have a Ferrari, do to the fact that you need A LOT of road. You're slighty modded N/A 3000GT is not in Ferrari/Ford GT/C6 Z06 territory. You are wrong.

posted by  giant016

Jesus Christ...my hair caught on fire when I read your last post

but besides the joking, everything giant016 said is true

and chevy bellaire?

posted by  nighthawk

someone failed Physics.:screwy:

posted by  dvdrose18

I knew I would eventually get a friggin MORON posting on here. FYI, the
VR4's that only hit 155 have both a rev limiter AND a speed limiter on their ECU's and are Gen 2's or 3's. I have been racing cars all my life (I am 51), and no one messed with my speedo you ignorant moron. I think it is funny when someone like you posts on these forums without doing a single bit of research and calls people a liar. Do you honestly think I would go to all the trouble of posting all that I have posted if I hadn't raced all my life and done all my homework? I am about to prove that the 3000 GT can go 200 MPH without a turbo system and I just need a LITTLE more help, not a "doubting thomas".

Go away, I only want to talk to someone who sticks to my questions and helps out, not some guy who only starts trouble.

And BTW, the 184 MPH was clocked by a Shelby County Deputy Sheriff, whom I served warrants with for over 5 years, and was clocked on the flat straights of I-40 headed to Nashville where all the drag racing happens here in Memphis. I don't usually waste my time anymore on these forums because of morons who seem to congregate online, so if any of you guys here that are actually trying to help can help me out before I puke reading this flamers dribble, I would appreciate it, thanks!

PS.......fella, I fly through 155 MPH in 4th gear now pulling HARD. Why don't people like you EVER do any research instead of repeating unfounded dribble as "carved in stone"?? I'm not here to fight with you so don't even bother answering, just go back to your own thread so I can get what I came here for.

posted by  SKYNETRP

I can't believe you never heard of racing a Chevy Bel Air. I know I made a typo in my last post, but I didn't come here to have my spelling corrected. And last time I checked, in racing , spelling isn't manditory, LOL. Here's one for ya I found in about 5 seconds:

The 1957 Bel Air has long been argued as being the best looking Chevrolet of the '50s. It is a sought after model for racing among ...etc., etc...you get my point:


Dude, I'm not pissed at you, I'm just dissapointed at the moron who decided to call me a liar, I hate those kind of people.

posted by  SKYNETRP

Okay Twinkie, I read just about enough of your bullsh*t and lies. I really am 50 years old and unlike you I really do have almost 40 years racing experience... Two wheels, three wheels and fours wheels, in types of cars that you couldn't even imagine, or have only seen in one of your Ricky Racer magazines or YouTube. I also have for 30ish years built and raced cars for customers and myself. I've been there and done that. My credentials go much further but that's enough for now. So I'm gonna make this real simple for an e-tard in high standing like yourself. I'm gonna ask a very specific question, only one, and unless you can give a correct answer I suggest you STFU.

QUESTION; Based on your quoted statement above, and the fact that you've stated at least once that there are no modifications to your standard transaxle, how exactly did your car go 24 mph faster at redline with simple non-effective bolt-on modifications?

Remember douche bag, I know the correct answer and so do others. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

posted by  vwhobo

haha, nice!

posted by  07exlv6

I did my research. I looked online at what the factory limited your car to, I looked at what modded cars run, I even went on some 3000GT/Stealth forums (something a guy as smart as you should have thought to do before coming on a general car site to ask about a specific model) to hear for myself what actual owners say there cars top out at. I looked at your horsepower and your weight. EVERY SINGLE THING IS AGAINST YOU. Every statistic tells me that you can not hit 160mph in a stock, first gen, non-turbo 3000GT and still have plenty left. Why am I a friggin' moron? If you doubted something, researched it, and every little detail pointed in one direction, and you went in that direction, does that make you a moron? Please show me an actual stat that should make me believe that you aren't wrong

posted by  giant016

Guys I think yall made him cry haha.

On a side note though, the Red Demon did 180.2 in the Texas Mile at Goliad this past weekend. Oh and he was running the stock 34.2s and he did it N/A

posted by  Enthusiast

I never said that my car had no mods NOW. I said that it had NO MODS when I did 160MPH. If you had read everything you would have seen that, so YOU STFU.

I want to thank you all for the wonderful welcome and kind way that I was treated. No matter if you agree with me or not, you do not have the right to speak that way to me or anyone else who comes here. MANY forums would kick you out for it...........namely Team 3S. Try that there and see what it gets you.

GO F U C K yourselves, I am out of here.

posted by  SKYNETRP

this punk just e-mailed me threatening to kick my ass hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaaha :orglaugh: omg im dyin here this is one of the reasons i keep coming over here, for amusement...he feels his ass burning and trying save his face, obviously doesnt know shit about what he is saying thats why i didnt even try to prove him wrong

posted by  07exlv6

I did some research (in the form of having someone else do the research for me lol)

Here's (http://www.mitsubishi-forums.com/index.php?showtopic=27829) the link to the question.

To sum it up, here's what I got:

07exlv6, wanna race him? lol.

posted by  chris_knows

he is not worth my time even getting in to the car, im not trying to be cocky or anything but when the day comes that he can keep up with a stock s2k or a mustang GT with just having a CAI under the hood, then we will race, his stock hp is 222 and only 200lb torque unless he has some major upgrades he will never see more then 250hp at the crank, i ****in hate when people say i got this much hp i got that much hp, run the freaking thing on the dyno jet (i know that every major city has at least one tuning shop) and then you can proudly say what you run (or jut shut the **** up and come up with scoop on the hood to "force" more air in lol)

here is a vid of my friends 04 v6 (CAI) going a lil crazy at a random stop sign: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrUfD5YDx-c

posted by  07exlv6

nice vid, did smoke come out the interior also? my friend sayed he got smoke coming out his dashboard/internal vents but his cars interior is also crap becuase hes doing somthing to it i dont know what tho.

posted by  TazCanDrive

I was really bored and figured I'd take the time to do some belated information correction by a few months. :mrgreen:

SKYNETRP, I have to say, your posts are just flat out amazing. I don't care how old you are, but I can assure anyone on here that pretty much 100% of the information you have shared on here is pure BS.

If you take a look down to my signature you will see a picture of a car making more power to all four wheels than your car is making at the engine. I can guarantee that your car has never seen over 160. So to begin this post, I'm going to break down what you've said and correct it.


Modded pretty good must mean a different thing where I come from, because what you have done to your non turbo sounds like basic, BASIC modifications for a lot of cars.

I think that is one of the dumbest ideas I've ever heard of in my life next to the guy that welded more blades to his exhaust wheel on his turbo.

It's called a Twin Turbo conversion. You can use stock parts of a VR-4 or RT/TT and convert your car to a FWD Twin Turbo. That's the most effective way for you to make more hp with your car.

ROFL. You never got your car to 184. I don't even know where to begin with these posts because everything you say is so wrong. IE the pedal having 1-2 inches left, safe RPM's, ECU, etc.

Your ECU is not special. You are OBD1 which does allow for nicer features than OBDII, but your ECU is not reporgrammable. It does not have a E-PROM that you can flash and retune the car with. The only aftermarket options for 3000GT owners is a piggy back or full replacement like AEM or Megasquirt. The ECU is prety crappy compared to a lot of other cars out there. Again, I'm going to repeat that it is not a flashable or reprogrammable ECU.

Factory tune on all 3000GT's is actually safely rich. They are not run lean.

No, no you don't. And no, no you can't.

I don't know what kind of crack you are smoking, but you should probably lay off. Stealths are identical. They are not slower, they are mechanically identical. I know, because I've owned several. As for how the car responds to inexpensive mods, the TT version picks up almost 100 hp with a downpipe, boost controller, and intake with the basics to back it up. ( decent plugs, wires, and a good running engine )

Ughh... Again, there is no speed limiter on any VR-4's or RT/TT's. They are limited by HP and have been tested numerous times back in 1991 when the VR-4 won the Import car of the year by Motor Trend. The car topped out at 159mph. I can also verify this in person. My ECU is untouched inside and there is no speed limiter.

Your car and mine have a rev limiter. If you are in neutral and floor it, you will stop at 7250rpm at this thing called a REV LIMITER. Just to emphasize this point, your car is LESS special than the Turbo version. And yes, I have owned a non turbo. I didn't bother modding it because it was FWD. And Sucked.

And I've been racing for 5 years and know more about your own car than you do. I've had those motors down to nothing, transmissions apart, and have done more work on these cars than I care to remember. You can't say I'm not well researched, I own a more powerful version of your car with A LOT of mods compared to you. I also did the work, when I bought it, it was stock.

Um. Sorry to burst your bubble, but your car can't physically do 155mph in 4th gear as the transmission is not geared for that. You should really do some research over at 3si.org and you'll find out some good information rather quickly if you made posts like these.

Anyways, I just felt replying to some of this stupidity. I felt it couldn't go unanswered.

posted by  Ruiner

I was getting annoyed with you (ruiner) for bringing up old posts, but this was a goodie. I had forgotten that Dodge Stealths defy physics.

Anyways, in general there is no use responding to most old posts, 95% of the people that started them rack up less than 20 posts and then disappear.

posted by  giant016

Ah well. Just didn't want a massive load of misinformation going around. :thumbs:

posted by  Ruiner

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