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Well the old SHO finally died the clutch went on it and my family doesnt think it is worth it so now Im going to buy a 2002 SVT Focus. 56k miles, black with red inserts on the interior, audiophile sound system, and a sunroof. Took it for a test drive last night and felt the most communicative chassis since I drove the M5. Im going to pick it up tommorow for 9k and I should have pics in the next couple days.

posted by  skeetin870

I test drove one of those a while ago, nice cars!

posted by  Mathew

So you just aren't going to fix the SHO at all? What will you sell it for?

posted by  Pythias

Nice car! I agree with you about how they handle, too! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

I was planning on parting it out around town maybe letting it go for anywhere from 500-1000 because the engine is in pretty good shape but I needed something with better gas millage if you are interested in it drop me a PM.

posted by  skeetin870

Lol to far for me, and I don't knwo how many miles condition etc but wouldn't it be worthwile to replace the clutch and sell it?

posted by  Pythias

Not really the market down here is saturated with SHO Tauruses and the brakes are completely dead it wouldnt be worth my time unless i put it in myself witch is WAY over my head.

posted by  skeetin870

Your gonna turn that SVT into a fobra arent you. You know the Cobra engine in a focus. haah just kiddin. Cool man but if the market is so saturated down there maybe you should post it on some of the SHO forums where more people are lookin for them and maybe some people from places where SHOs are scarce would be interested. just a thought

posted by  Enthusiast


posted by  smallangryneon

Well nevermind my mother thinks that being sick is reason enough not to go get the car.

posted by  skeetin870

good luck with it... just get an extended warranty that will cover it to 100k miles... my mom as an 03 and it was a nightmare.

but it was a hell of alot of fun to drive.

posted by  jaydez

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