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I have a 94 ford tempo, 4 door, 2.3 L, automatic. I just got my car rust proofed; although I don't know if it has anything to do with my problem. However if a turn my wheel to the left slightly and then right I get a clicking noise; like a sticking door, but only for the initial start of the turn. Further more the noise comes and goes going over bumps; but does sound like a ball joint since they were replaced a year and a half ago. Making right or left turns when the car leans, the noise still always coming from the middle or right side. Lastly if I apply the brake no noise occurs untill the car is almost completly stopped, and if I release the brake and quickly apply it again that's when the noise is the loudest. If the car is in park and I try these no noise occurs. The ball joints have been greased, the cv joint boot has no tears. I would just like to know if the rust proof is causing something to stick slightly or if it more. I thought maybe the struts, but if I push down on the car or pull up I get no noise. The caliper is on tight and doesn't seem to be a loose brake pad; I tried wiggling them both front and back. Could it be a control arm or tie rod end (are there boots on those ? and do they connect in the middle of the car ?) since it only happens while driving. You mainly hear the noise inside the car. I got my wife to drive the car up our driveway and I was outside, but couldn't hear the noise. But then again the car is not the quietest. It gets to be annoying to hear.
Thanks for any help

posted by  sean_hawn19

There's no need for rour topics on the same subject....and this was in the wrong section, too! :banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

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