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Hey guys, I am looking for your advice and opinions on Talon's Reliability. It is a 95 TSI AWD Manual, I would like what general problems go wrong with them,whats good on them, typical motor life, and anything else that might help. The owner of this one did do some modifications, engine rebuilt, new pistons, so I expect he beat on it a little. I can get what other mods he did to it, if there is anything specific to look for let me know. Help is appreciated . O by the way it has 112,000 Miles on the body, 30,000 on the engine. Asking price is 5,000 OBO.

posted by  pocko5000

$5,000 seems a little steep to me. But as I keep saying, your currency never was my strongest point. I believe the Talon is basically a Mitsubishi, using their underpinnings and engine, so reliability shouldn't be an issue as far as the Mechanicals go. I guess it has a lot to do with just how modified it is really!

posted by  Cliffy

I believe the Talon is the same as the Mitsubishi Eclipse and Dodge ... Avenger? I think there's a Dodge equivalent to it. I don't think 5,000 is a bad price at all for a car with only 30000 on the engine, but I'd look it over pretty thoroghly, especially if you don't think the guy's mechanical competence. It should be a quick and reliable car.

posted by  smallangryneon

DSMs are stereotyped for being unreliable, whether or not it's true I don't know. Hopefully somebody who has a single digit 1/4 mile one will chine in.

posted by  giant016

But the overall milegae is quite high, which is what you see when you look at the car, be it right or wrong, it's still visible. He might want to check that the engine has that mileage on it, too, with paperwork etc!

posted by  Cliffy

You're absolutely right. Listen to the man ...:thumbs:

posted by  smallangryneon

Thanks guys, Will do! he did some other modding, Intake, Larger turbo new exhaust system, a couple other things too.

posted by  pocko5000

Mileage on the engine doesn't mean ALL that much. For one unless he can prove it you are taking someone's word for it, (not always the best thing to do when someone is trying to sell a car). I was looking at a 99 Camaro Z28. 99k on the body 6 speed t tops a few little mods. Brand new engine 1k on it (guy has all receipts and everything) Last engine a crank bearing failed. So either 1 the guy beat the shit out of it or 2 it was really mistreated in other ways, either way an LS1 going out at 98k miles isn't a good sign. ANY engine going out that soon isn't a good sign but especially an LS1. Guy is asking way below kbb for the car and the car needs a slave cyclinder (and prolly a clutch) I'm just going to wait until next summer when I have more around 10k+ to spend on a car.

I would say 5k is WAY overpriced IMO.

posted by  Pythias

For a TSI AWD, thats a damn good price. Especially with mileage that low for being a 95, and a rebuilt engine. Turbo DSMs are known for being unreliable (keep a spare EVERYTHING with you at all times, pretty much), but the 4G63 motor is STRONG. Look at the Evo. It has the same engine as the DSM turbos. Personally, I would get it.

posted by  PontiacFan27

I don't know about DSM's being unreliable, my 91 Laser has 230,000 miles on it and still runnin' strong except for an oil leak. The only reason DSM's have a be rep is cause their fairly cheap, so kids buy them and beat the crap out of them. The only thing you have to watch for is idle surge and bad mods done by kids.

posted by  x1/9-rally

ive noticed its kinda hard to come by good parts for DSM's reason for that is people beat the unholy hell out of them. If something breaks on it i would stronly discourage going to a junkyard.

posted by  LT1caprice

JUST SAY NO! You'll thank me in the end. If you like the Talon and want a reliable one, stick with 1G. By the way, $5000 is a bit steep I think, regardless of the life on the engine.

posted by  97Talonchik

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