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I recently got rear-ended and my car was destroyed. I had a 2002 silver mustang that had 87,000 milage on it. I am now set on buying a used Mustang Cobra and have found one on its a 1999 black mustang with a silver strip on it. Though the car looks amazing and i really want it for the looks, it has 126,118 milage on it, what i am wondering is this too high? will this car basically break apart if i buy it. I have asked my dads opinion on it and he thinks thats the case, that the car will basically break down as soon as i get it. Or will it be ok for the next couple of years?

posted by  snake24

Consider how one would drive such a car also...wear & tear

posted by  Bronxie

I personally wouldn't go for a 99, there was a big problem with many 99 Cobra's, them having recalls and such, if I were you I'd go for either a 96-98 or na 01.

posted by  Pythias

or a change, a completely different car?

posted by  True_Brit

Then you're dad is ignorant. Saying a car that is 7 years old and averages around 18k miles a year will fall apart on you if you buy it, is simply stupid. 126k Isn't too high of mileage (crap my 95 Mustang Gt had 195k!!! Ran great! Rebuilt engine of course) Depending on the maintenance by the previous owners will more or less for-tell what will happen. How many miles will you be driving this car a year? Really as long as you keep up on maintenance it should serve you well. When buying a used car, high-mileage or not, there is always a risk involved and you will never be able to for-see what will or won't happen. Depending on the price I would consider it (I'm guessing it is a good price because of the high-mileage and that is why you are considering it) But like I said aan 01 would be better.

Also one could argue this mielage is not to high, I recently discovered the average mileage of a vehicle per year is 15-18k.

I hope you don't mean since it's a Cobra its prolly been dogged? There are chances of that with ANY car not just sports car, and sometimes more so a chance of it with a non-sports car (seee teenagers and honda civics) Depending on the age of it's previous owners it quite possibly could have been very well cared for. Just because you buy a sports car doesn't mean you just drive it like it's stolen and beat the sh*t out of it. Look at Corvettes (50+ year olds +Corvettes= USUALLY doesn't equal a ragged to sh*t corvette).

posted by  Pythias

Calling someone's dad ignorant is rude and disrespectful. This is how "flaming" starts. There are more productive ways to get your point across.

And maybe his dad isn't that ignorant. Maybe his dad is familiar with Mustangs and noticed his son viewing a 99 Cobra and thought...

I'm just saying...

posted by  My Life, My Era

I guess you should just ask your dad for a loan, so you can get an 03-04 Cobra. Ya know...because they're so much more reliable :hi: That's the only reason I'd want one:mrgreen:

We're not fortune tellers, we can't say for sure what's going to happen. You'll find examples of this car going 250K with few problems, others will have major problems at 50K. In buying a higher milage car, you save $, which can go towards repairs. If the price was right, I wouldn't feel too bad about the mileage here.

As far as the car being beat on, it's a crapshoot no matter what you buy. I'd rather have a Mustang that was raced, but cared for properly (changed his own oil, changed fluids regularly, let car warm up before revving, etc) than a Camry that was owned by an old lady who let it sit a lot, and always brought it to the shop that was cheapest.:2cents:

posted by  giant016

As you should when looking at any used car, take it to a mechanic to have it looked over. Not all cars with high mileage are bad, nor are all cars that were beat to shit necessarily bad either or vice-versa. Have it checked out.

posted by  PontiacFan27

so what ever happened with the mustang? did you end up buying it?

posted by  greg985

He'll probably never be back to inform us. He's just one in a long line of members who come he after advice and then disappear without so much as a "follow up" post....:banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

why do you think that is then???
you?:laughing: :wink2:

posted by  True_Brit

It's better if you look at some other options. Don't settle for good looks alone.

posted by  drivingmazda

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