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Hey everybody, i need some help..

my friend decided he wanted to buy subwoofers for his car so i helped him about a bit and told him what he needed, since i know a decent amount about audio electronics. the wiring doesnt seem very hard but the problem we are having is removing the stock radio from his 1999 alero. if anybody knows about the car, any feedback would be nice.

in case your wondering.. i dont see the point in his decision but hes keeping his stock radio and speakers, just has 2 subwoofers and an amplifier because he just wants alot more bass...

btw im new here, awesome forum, i think ill be spending more time here.. and thanks to anybody who replies.

posted by  m0rphr3us

tell your friend to go to and ask the gurus there.

posted by  jackal2000

When you are done with this project the bass will sound good but you wont be able to hear the words at all. It will sound really crappy :doh:

posted by  greg985

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