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Well i almost have the money i need to do this engine swap to my mustang anyway.... i have 400$ so far so how much would it cost me to get a wrecked Mustang with the 5.0 in it a T Bird or a SVO im gonna take everything i need off them then strip other junk off em to use as backup parts or sell then take the car to the crusher for about 200bucks so how much do i need for these donars cars?
The car im swaping the engine is a 1990 Ford Mustang LX

posted by  Andrew0261

Rearend, Transmission, Engine, Radiator....... to begin with.

posted by  Pythias

yea i got all that down but how much would it cost me to buy these cars Wrecked?

posted by  Andrew0261

Depends on condition, whats left of them, etc. If you are looking for an 89-93 Mustang 5.0. You will most likely be hard-pressed to find one in decent enough shape with all the parts you need.

So do you have a rollback, or a towing truck? How are you going to transport this car to your house or wherever you want to do this swap? Do you have alot of knowledge and experience doing this? Because if not all you will end up with is a non-running car.

Fact is most cars that old will not have all the parts you need for the entire swap, if they have been sitting there for awhile, most people already have the engines, trannies, etc. Unless you can find a Recently wrecked one you're going to spend alot of money doing this, especially if you have to apy someone to fix your own f*ck ups cause you didn't know what you were doing.

Also this car won't have much resale value because it is a 4cyc converted to an 8.

If you want to do it the right way, save up money, sell your car, and buy an 8cyc from factory, can find them for aournd 3k with little things needed done to be perfect but in good running condition.

posted by  Pythias

yea i know about all the thing that gotta be changed and shit and my dad would help me anyway. He worked on cars since he was a kid and i have to even tho im still a kid lol! we work on cars alot so yea i know what im doing, and he does to he done engine swaps before but anyway im debating on a 2.3t or the 5.0. I dont wanna sell this car either alot of work been put into it as and Money it also got twice as much as it worth invested in it and i never intend on selling it i love it so the resale shit is no problem beside in modded cars you never get what you put into a car when you mod them up anyway. yea now to find a 2.3t or a 5.0 dont know which yet but that current 2.3 gonna hoping to find one that been wrecked but not all strip down and sitting forever let hope lucks on my side lol!

posted by  Andrew0261


There comes a point that, no matter how much you love a car, it's time for it to be junked. Now may be that time.

You can get what you put into a modded car, several times over, if you know what you're doing.

posted by  Gwokable

There also comes a time when a seemingly great idea needs to be junkyarded as well, Andrew.


posted by  Bronxie

I've seen complete but Rusty later 5.0 Foxes going for under $900. There was one on the Grasstoots Motorsports message board classified. Look on craigslist and even Ebay. If you have a decent non-rusty chassis/body, that's a good option, and it can save you some cash.

posted by  ChrisV

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