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Well, hopefully someone can help me out with this one. Longstory short, girlfriend borrows old 95' explorer, girlfriend loses keys by leaving them in HER PURSE WITH THE CAR UNLOCKED and promptly gets purse stolen.Keys gone forever. I called dealership, their VIN database does not go back far enough to cover my car, so I cannot get a key from them. I took the lock out of the door, walked into locksmith and he told me that I could not get a key because some gimbles for the lock are located in the ignition. He then advised me to contact the dealership, which I had already done. Dead end

So basically, short of an entire new ignition is there anything I can do? The key is just standard damn metal on a standard old damn car. There has to be a way to get a spare key I would hope? Never lost all keys for a vehicle before so I did not know it was this much of a procedure to get another one.

Any advice would be appreciated.



posted by  DeepDiverDan

quick and easy. go buy a new ignition switch. it comes with a key. have it installed and have a locksmith set the new key to the old locks. done, simple:thumbs:

posted by  glagon1979

get a new girlfriend :laughing:

posted by  greg985

because she got ther purse stollen?? doesnt make much sence:banghead:

posted by  glagon1979

joke :doh:

posted by  greg985

A competent locksmith can easily make the key for you, but he will need to come to where your car is. He will remove the door lock, fit a key to it, then use try-out keys on the ignition to find that key. Then he will transfer the cuts from one key to the other, then you are back to one key working everything on the vehicle. (You may save a few $$ if you remove the door lock for him)

posted by  thefonz

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