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Lookes like the US is getting the VE.

Here ( d.html)

posted by  Wally

I like it. It looks more aggressive than the Holden version. I wish Ford built more rwd cars or at least give us the European Focus. Four-door Ford cars do not interest me much.

posted by  What

You may also be getting the Ford Falcon which has RWD and an inline six engine that has heeps of grunt (the turbo version pumps around 300kW).

posted by  Wally you're making me think......
About 400 hp.

It would be cool if we had the Falcon as an option, but I wonder if Ford believes that we Americans would accept a 6 cylinder Ford that looks like the GTO and is quicker than an 8 cylinder Mustang GT.

posted by  What

Ford has no clue what Americans want. They think we want gigantic trucks and SUVs, and maybe the option of a sedan when we run out of gas $$.

posted by  Bronxie

I dont think ford would let a 6 cylinder out muscle the mustangs.

Ignorant americans wouldnt understand.

posted by  Enthusiast

That is why they lost billions and billion fo dollars this year in America.

I am waiting on the 2009 Chevrolet Camaro :drool:

posted by  greg985

The 2008 Falcon will be the Orion project and a whole new footprint and platform. It's mooted to form the basis for the next generation sedans in the US, analogous to the GM Zeta platform developed for the VE Commodore range.

Although there has been legacy parts used worldwide, Ford Australia has had a fairly independent development since the late sixties and the six has evolved into a fairly potent donk. Ford Aust don't publish speed related data, but it generally accepted the Mustang is fairly average by comparison.

Ford's locally developed 4WD/2WD crossover "Ford Territory" is crackerjack. The turbo version can easily be tweeked to 320kW and it's reliable.

Don't you guys favour front wheel drive because of snow?

posted by  Wally

apparently the UK are going to get the Ford Falcon (that would be the competition to vauxhall's VXR500)! i havnt heard much more of this though! lots of american ars are invading england though (mostly caddy and dodge)

posted by  True_Brit

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