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My dad is going through a midlife crisis i think because he brought home a chrysler crossfire as a rental car as opposed to his usual boat car. I've had a little fun taking it on some windy backroads and such and i've figured out most of it's gadgets except for one.

There is this little switch next to the shifter (auto trans btw) that you can switch up which is designated "W" or down which is designated "S." I can't seem to find the difference in acceleration or anything with it on either setting, so i was just seeing if any of you guys had any insight into what this is supposed to do. And im not a complete moron, i would have read the owner's manual that normally would come with it, but since it's a rental i guess that justified not supplying an owner's manual in the rental company's mind:banghead: .

Feedback appreciated in advance

posted by  chillin92386

"Winter" and "Summer." I rented a Chrysler Crossfire and this switch had me dumbfounded as well. I had to call two different Chrysler dealerships to get the answer, and they had to look it up in their computer themselves.

Basically all this switch does is cause your car to start in second gear instead of first gear. This decreases the amount of torque power produced at the wheels which reduces slippage and improves your traction control. I don't like the designation "Winter" and "Summer" because starting in second gear is a little hard on your clutch, and you don't want to start in second gear just because it is "Winter" and there are times in the summer where you may want to have improved traction control, such as in the rain. In general, you will definately want the "Summer" setting.

However, in inclement weather conditions where the roads may be slick, such as in snow, ice, or rain, the "Winter" setting will definately help you maintain control of your car during take off from a stop. Of course, if you floor your car, it will simply kick back into first gear anyways. Hopefully you aren't flooring your car in the snow. If you are already moving you will notice no change in your cars performance, this switch only affects your acceleration from a stop when you gently push the accelerator.

posted by  mercestes

Meh, I was all proud of myself and was all set to answer him there and everything. Then I saw the date and realised that I probably would never have found it! lol...:doh:

posted by  Cliffy

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