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Wheels magazine's take on the new Falcon for 2008

posted by  Wally

It looks nice...Does anyone know specs?

posted by  chris_knows

It'll probably have the Aussie turbo 6 ~= 300kW, the standard trim six ~=200kW, and American V8 ~= 270kW, if past models are anything to go by.

posted by  Wally

That's pretty nice...It's probably the best looking Ford (soon to be) in production too.

posted by  chris_knows

Not a bad car. The six has it's roots back when Fred Flintstone was a boy, but with constant revision and ingenuity it would have to be one of the strongest sixes in a production car anywhere .... it could even pull Ellen DeGeneres away from a ladies change room.

Of course the Falcon is a RWD family sedan.

posted by  Wally

From what I can see its a nice little design :2cents:

posted by  99integra

looks similar to our new mondeo!
click here (

very nice though!!!
shame we dont get an engine option like that, the highest we will get is more than likely a 3litre v6 with around 220bhp if the ST will be like the current one

(thats the closest i could find to it, im on my work pc and most sites are blocked!)

posted by  True_Brit

Greatest analogy ever :laughing:. Every time she does a big event, she has to make a joke about her sexual preference lol.

posted by  chris_knows

I'd like to see a new badge on Fords. The "blue oval" cheapens the car to me.

-Who was Lizzy Logan?

posted by  What

one of my good friends, died of heart failure due to palputations (sp?) yesterday

posted by  99integra

Looks like the Fusion/Milan body.
Is it a longer body and wheelbase?

posted by  SlipKnoT

Well it's a family sedan.

Here is the current GT40 model .....should give you an idea of size.

posted by  Wally

Great looking car!

posted by  drivingmazda

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