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Alright my dad's work truck is soon retiring. it has a 5.4 V8 Triton engine. If I wanted to swap that into a 99 Mustang how much am I looking at paying?

posted by  Ferny

im asuming your dad's truck is one of the newest ones? newer?

it sounds like a great idea for more (sort of) factory cubes

but it would probably cost a fair bit, more than 1 or 2 grand id say and thats with the best possible circumstances:2cents:

posted by  nighthawk

sounds interesting! has the triton got more power? torque? what makes it different to the one in the mustang?

posted by  True_Brit

the mustang is a 4.6L with 300hp and 320 lb ft

the 5.4 is the same engine that comes in the F 150 I assume he's talking about, the GT and the gt500

in regular trim, makes somewhere around 320-330 hp and more torque

just basically a displacement upgrade

posted by  nighthawk

That is actually a good idea. I've been wanting to do that myself, as well as a turbo-diesel engine swap for a Mustang. :thumbs:

I actually saw a very cool purple '97 Cobra with a Lightning engine swap in 5.0 Magazine. Supercharger and everything. Veryyyy cool.

posted by  SlipKnoT

I believe the truck is from 2002. I would probably use a v6 mustang though.

posted by  Ferny

Where are you located? In many places, you can't swap a truck engine into a car for emissions reasons.

posted by  ChrisV


posted by  Ferny

my neighbor swapped the 4 banger out of his ranger for a lightning motor. very badass

posted by  aeprominant

Dont go with a V6 mustang, youd have to upgrade the whole rear end. Not worth it, see if you can find a v8 with a bad engine

posted by  98 Mustang GT

if i was a robot I would break now

posted by  nighthawk

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