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who here likes the dodge srt/4 its one of my favorite cars

posted by  viper123

i always liked the neon after seeing a guy beat a viper in one, then they make this suped up version, i love it

posted by  CrazyCar

i dont a link to pics and specs?

posted by  GoOsEmAn

Yuk!!! I can understand Dodge trying to jump on the bandwagon but please not with this one. The car looks horrible! I must admit i haven't had the chance to drive one yet and i have heard that it is a bit sluggish in 1st and low 2nd but after that it pulls hard all the way through. I just cant get past the awkward front scoop and that wing that looks like it is planted on a neon, oh wait...yuk again... anyways, i think that they should have cut the neon from production and replaced it with something that doesnt still have the 1990's styling. Just my opinion.

posted by  Reznor

Apparently the SRT-4's are nasty fast and got compact car of the year on some mag. It outperformed the SVT Focus, Mini Cooper, Acura RSX, Nissan SE-R, and others. Hard to believe a Neon beating all those other cars but the proof is in the pudding! I like the bang-for-the-buck factor. It rivals my 03 Cobra in value although in different price ranges. With the RT-4, you spank all other 4 bangers, most 6 bangers, and even some V8's for under $20K. Likewise, for $34K I spank cars like C5 Corvettes, Z06's, non-turbo Porches, NSX's, BMW M3 & M5, and no need to even mention Camaros, 350Z and the like. Not that any of those cars are bad, just more expensive yet slower. And yes, I've spanked at least one of every one of those cars although I'd probably rather have some of them instead of my Cobra :(

posted by  2k3SVTCobra

it beat them because its a turbo :)

it would be a good match if the new ser had a turbo option :twisted:

posted by  Arthur

Wow i LOVE this car, i am actually purchasing one this summer over a wrx, if you have read any of my other posts about me wanting a wrx, and my dad not letting me spend the money on it, he is going to let me spend the money on an srt-4 because its american, you gotta love these cars, they look great and they are one hell of a club racer out of the box, they are great, with a nice mitsubishi turbo and intercooler, they are FAST

posted by  Conc3pt

I love this car because its a step in the right direction. Its affordable performance! (pls dont reply if you own a car priced over 25k and want to argue with me- a guy in a G35 was all over me about how great his car was-its cool but its not 20k either). For years the domestic automakers were pussed out to build anything that could be cheap and fast. Now its here and at least for a little while be affordable. Bye, bye srt-4 after 04, hello new Lancer platform for near 30k. I want one to use a short commute car (i got backroads baby!). My Maxima 5sp is nice, this is Bitchin!

posted by  Darbowmach1

Dude, this car rocks. There si a problem tho. If u wana test drive it, most dodge dealers dont got ne in the lot. so u gota wait for 1 2 show up. Just test drove it 2day and (ive driven both the subaru WRX and the Acura RSX Type s) it puts most of its competition 2 shame. I only drove it on this little oval track, and who ever says its slow and sluggish in first and second is dead wrong. Right now i have a 96 TT supra and i think that i might add this guy to the lineup. The turbo gives the car that trademark whistle, when the turbo kiks in u really feel it, plus the car looks half decent. And its under 20 K, unbelievable for the price, if i pick one up, ill post the pic. 8)

posted by  supraman1120

well i haven't heard of any other cars which can run 14 s times at the 1/4 mile. . . stock

on top of this the car is under 20k. . .

i also read some stuff that they dont want it compared to a neon, they just
want ppl too look at it as a SRT/4

the only prob is that its front wheel drive. . .and if it wasn't it would probably
perform even better;

also, the usual complaint is that the car has too much torque steer off the line

posted by  $eRb

Yeah I like them quite a bit. Maybe in a few years I'll invest my money in one. By then a used one will be less than $10k.

What is it, 0-60 in just under 5 seconds? Max speed is 150 or so, if I remember correctly. And for under $20,000 I'd say that is a deal.

posted by  PSAF

I bought the srt-4 last week and it is nice. It is 0-60 between 5.6 and 5.9, with a quarter of 13.8 to 14. I can smoke any honda and even some v8s for under 20 grand. A guy in a vr4 wouldnt race me and i think i would be pretty close. They are a sports car and are insured as a 4 door coupe. They are reliable. you arent gonna get a car under 20 grand to out perform this unless it is used. i beat my friends 94 ls integra with headers, cold air intake, exhaust, ignition, k&n and more. Anyways its a cool car and the sound is good.

posted by  srt4racer03

Just Bought My Srt-4 This Week Outran 2 Mustang Gt`s The First Day I Got It Does Anybody Know How To Get A Blowoff Valve Spacer So I Can Here That Great Sound

posted by  TIMSRT4

:banghead: ...and then they wonder why their cars don't break in period!! Enjoy it for the 30k miles it will last!! :laughing: (typical)

posted by  BavarianWheels

hey buddy

time to be quiet now.

posted by  Arthur

Notice he doesn't have the balls to "break in" a car. All his research is done on motorcycles...engines made to run high rpms...hmmm

The average car coming off the assy. line is not designed to run at high rpms like a motorcycle...Not even much more than 6k ish rpms...and certainly not to maintain those kinds of rpms. But if you have the it.

Your turn.

posted by  BavarianWheels

I also noticed that and that it would apply to any engine. Damit man, it has to be true, it's on the internet :laughing:edit: :oops: forgot to say shutup

posted by  lectroid

That link is a load of crap. Every engine has different wear-in times and more. :banghead: You have to seat your cam, wear in your rings ( different types of rings require different wear-in times. Some don't even have a wear in period ) , wear in the entire valve train, and tons of other junk. It's crazy to believe there's no break in period and you can race on the way home. That's total n00b bullsh*t.

posted by  DodgeRida67

i think that its main attraction is the price, albeit in an ugly shell, but its unbelievable bang for the buck.

but if you really want a car that you can mod to 300+ hp, THIS IS NOT THE CAR FOR YOU.
bottom line: WRX w/ mods>>>>>>SRT-4 w/ mods

btw, i hate domestics.

posted by  importluva 0

your joking though right? you do you know incredibly easy is it is to pull 300hp out of a srt4!??!?!

and that break in thing isnt about just Driving the shit out of it when you first get it, its talking about a different type of break in than Going super easy on it for the first couple thousand or so. it talks about putting load on the engine by going up a hill in a certain gear and such, which makes sense..... i mean do you really think it, the techonolgy behind building engines has really changed... that makes alot of sense.

posted by  Arthur

300 hp in an SRT4? From the dealer. They start out near 240 hp at the crank. The factory warrantied Mopar Stage 1 gets that much power at the wheels (over 260 at the crank) and there are two more stages to go from the dealer!

Not to mention all the other aftermarket companies, like Howell performance (they sponsored my friend Don Howard's neon R/T, which is a 12 second daily driver N/A car...).

And I like the looks of the Neon bettter than the Subie (not saying the Subie is bad, mind you; I like them as well). I just find the Neon to be a bit better looking. I think they are more aggressive and purposeful.

And, hating a car due to where it's made is narrowminded and ignorant. It's an opinion based on mistaken information, and a misplaced desire to look cool to a select group of people, so you can feel superior.

posted by  ChrisV

All of a sudden, this songbird changes the tune's key... :orglaugh:

posted by  BavarianWheels

sorry i wasnt clear. I realize the srt CAN be modded, but i think FWD is a disadvantage compared to the AWD WRX or RWD. It seems to me that FWD is the only thing holding the SRT back:)

i dunno where you came up with "feelings of superiority", please dont concoct ideas and try to present them as mine. I do have a preference for imports, hence my login name, but i dont like/hate domestic cars. not because of where they are made, but b/c exterior designs are not as exciting and the cars used to flat out suck (i realize that they are since catching up and are offering more exciting products), but id still say that a supra, rx7, 350z, skyline, silvia, m5, wrx, evo, etc. would get me more excited than a mustang, vette, viper, ford gt, or any of the oldskool models. Im not saying domestics are inferior, just that i dont prefer them.

i will concede that i use the word 'hate' more often than i should
lets just say imports are my preference, domestics are not :thumbs:

posted by  importluva

You'll soon notice that ChrisV requires full explanation to our opinions, likes, and dislikes...he cannot imagine that someone could just not like something for merely aesthetic distaste. We've been down this path before.

:wink2: :laughing:

posted by  BavarianWheels

In geeneral, the reasons are that you feel teh cars are inferior, right? that's what you said. You don't like them becaeu all of them, invariably, no matter HOW good they are, are in your mind, inferior.

What you'll find out soon, unlike Bav's rather mistaken assesment, is that I don't like people making unfounded statments of opinion, and holding on to them as though they are uncontrovertial fact. I dislike people that have formed opinions based on generalizations, and then make statements as though they are universal truths. Unlike Bav, I've been in this hobby/industry for a few dacades, and worked with many vehicles from nearly every genre in the automotve realm, as well as vehicles from most manufacturers going back many, many decades.

He can' t understand that forming an unwavering opinion using 2 or 3 years experience with one or two models is a bad thing. He thinks opinion alone is vastly more important that backing that opinion up with decades of experience. He can't SEE the difference between backing an opinion up with decades of experience, and backing it up with a "feeling" brewed over a couple years based on NO actual practical experience. He thinks they are, in fact, the same thing.

I like cars from every manufacturer, and i have no preference for any country of origin. Cars dont' care where tehy come from, and every manufacture has made problematic examples. Individual examples from ANY manufacturer can be great crs, and individual examples from any manufacturer can be rolling piles of dog poo.

Design and engineering is worldwide. the guy who designed the new Viper did Toyotas before this. A Korean is head of the '05 Mustang project. An american designed the Audi TT and before Chris Bangle (an American) took over BMW's design in 1992, Chuck Pelly (also of America) was head of BMW design since the early 80s. The actual design was done in their California studios, which isn't too far from Nissan's design studios where the 350Z was designed, as well as the previous 300 ZX. Ford's designs are by the same guy who headed Audi and VW design last decade, and quite a bit of their work is done in Europe. But an American is in charge of doing Mazda's design and branding. GM is in charge of Subaru, and the design of the current WRX is heavily influenced by designers from GM, though that wil change now that GM moved Alfa's head designer to Subaru. Even management moves around. Lutz is heading GM branding, but he woirked for Chrysler and Ford before that, and ran Ford of Europe after working for BMW and creating BMW's M division (including the incredible M1).

The point is that designers and managers are international, and the ONLY reason anyone thinks one is different than the other is predjudice.

posted by  ChrisV

No one's ever doubted your expertise, mr hidden. The problem arises when a simple, "I don't like..." is put down because there is no 3 paragraph discourse on the experience and reasoning behind such unfounded thought.

To joke about it is one thing...but you're serious about full disertations on the matter.

Get over it...we are surrounded by 16yr olds that have no firm foundational reasoning behind anything they do or say. It's life in the big city.

All this want from a person that doesn't care whether these "kids" use rim or wheel... :laughing:

posted by  BavarianWheels

You have to break in sport bikes too. You're not supposed to rev it over 4-5K rpm (even if the redline is 15K).

posted by  abless

First of all, i forgot about this thread, hence the late reply

im sorry, did you not read my previous post. I believe I explained why i prefer imports over domestics clearly. The CURRENT designs SUCK, i dont care where the hell the designer used to work, i dont like the current cars!! Whether that car is the SRT-4, mustang, camaro, or any oldskool ones like the yanko in Voda's sig, I DONT LIKE THEM!!! Now, if domestic manuf. w/ these so-called experienced designers made a car that appeals to me in the future, along the lines of the new Z or R34 skyline or supra or bugeye wrx (yes, i love those), i will gladly accept them and maybe even change my log-in name.

Make this, inferior aesthetically "In geeneral, the reasons are that you feel teh cars are inferior, right? that's what you said. You don't like them becaeu all of them, invariably, no matter HOW good they are, are in your mind, inferior."

posted by  importluva

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