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well i was going to school and it was rainin so i decided to have some have in my 90 mustang! so i threw it in 1st gear and put the pedal down and was sliding around on turns at stops then after school i get in my car and drove out of there like i normally do then there a stop to turn left to go toward the highway then toward the right is were people without cars get picked up so ok i was going to turn like normal not trying to show off or anything but there was tons of water all over so i go and put to much pedal down and i had the wheel turned to the left pretty good since i wasnt really prepared to go sliding around like i was in the morning....then all **** my rear end on my stang came out from under me well i didnt want to damage my car by hitting the rear or front of my car on the crub and i didnt feel like looking like a idiot by losing control over a turn so i end up doing a sweetass 360 facing the the school drop off so i throw it in 1st and floor it to make it look like i ment to do the 360 god that shit was crazy cant wait to hear ppl say how crazy i am tommrow

posted by  Andrew0261

You sound like the ultimate suck ass driver looking to be bombarded by stiff asses on this forum about how dangerous you are...because we should only do burnouts, donuts, and "slides" at a track.

Let's all take the word "spontaneous" and sh*t on it.

Any pics of your Stang?

posted by  What

yeah, a lot better than just stopping facing the other way,

pretty funny though, I did one in my Buick the other day, on snow in a parking lot on purpose lol

posted by  nighthawk

Take it to the track in future! :laughing: :doh:

posted by  Cliffy

i drove to the elementary school and busted 3 fat nuts those kids loved it...i cant wait to hear how cool it was from the kids parents. you were showing off and blew it, it always happens that way, next time drive it off a bridge and jump out before it goes over, all your friends will think your the coolest.

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

wrong the time i was driving stupid was on my own in the morning there wasnt anyone to show off i just took off fast like i normally do at the stop expect this time there was tons of water and well that didnt help but atlest i didint make myself look like a idiot by hitting the curb or having my car block the road i didnt a complete 360 then flew off was pretty sweet and fun if you ask me :laughing:

posted by  Andrew0261

well i wasnt asking, did you know you could probably save half your gas money if you drove like a normal human....try it someday, might make your wallet fatter so you can afford new tires next month

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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