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I recently got a 2000 Trans Am without ram air. My question is, what difference in horsepower is there between the same Trans Am with ram air and mine? Can I get ram air installed after market?

This is with no modifications.

posted by  jeremy02

Supposedly the Ram Air (WS6) has 25 more horsepower. They both have more than they claim...

posted by  PontiacFan27

Ram air will only add maybe 5hp, and thats when your driving pretty fast. You can get it aftermarket, but it is not the most cost effective mod for the car. A cold air intake will net you about the same hp gain for less $ than the Ram Air. #1 mod on your list should be a lid anyways. They're about $100 brand new and you will feel a difference in throttle response.

Not trying to advertise, but you should definitely sign up on LS1tech.com. A huge group of guys who for the most part know their shit.

posted by  giant016

Thanks for the help, guys.

posted by  jeremy02

I agree. I got the SLP lid from Summit for about $125. Definetly money well spent.

posted by  02TransAmWS6

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