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Hi All,

I was chatting with my younger brother the other day (he is far more knowledgeable about cars than I am). He is really getting into restoring / hot rodding / old cars - he's purchasing an 87 Cut Supreme and is going to start working on it.

He convinced me that I should start looking for my dream car - a 64 impal SS convertible. Something from a junk yard or whatever - cheap - so the two of us could start working on it.

My question is, what is the "right" engine for this car? Maybe that is a dumb question (don't make fun of me). I just figured that there would be one type of engine that is the most desirable.

Thanks for your feedback.

posted by  triple7allstar

Not a stupid question, but certainly an extremely uninformed one.

1. I don't know what you consider cheap, but the chances of finding a cheap '64 Impala SS convertible that is even slightly restorable is remote at best. Most of them have either returned to the earth or are in the hands of someone who knows what they're worth.

2. There is no "right" engine, unless by right you mean the one the car came from the factory with. The '64 SS (all Impalas actually) came with a choice of a 230ci L6, 283ci V8, 327ci V8 or a 409ci V8. Take your pick. Most of them nowadays probably have a 350 under the hood. So much for originality.

Good luck.

posted by  vwhobo

I never said I was informed - haha - thanks for the help. I actually knew about the 409. Does the 409 put out more power than the 350?

And I know how desirable these things are. I'm sure it will be a chore trying to find one for "cheap".

But, it will be a fun journey.

posted by  triple7allstar

Top tip. You'll get along a lot better here, and everywhere else in life, if you put forward effort and did some research instead of mindlessly asking questions and expecting to be spoon fed. Over and out.

posted by  vwhobo

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