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my car is dark green, i need a secondary color for stripes and decals, what color would go best, im thinking gold or silver, what do you guys think?

posted by  CrazyCar

stripes r ok but decals?
and gold or silver?
try green and white

posted by  GoOsEmAn

I'd go w/ silver... but then again I'm biased b/c I have two silver cars :mrgreen:

posted by  Viper86

Depends on how big and what shape your stripes are

if you have like really small ones I might go with gold, but if youve got huge stripes id go with white. of course depends on your preference with the silver, because silver is good with just about everything

posted by  Aten

Why not one gold and one silver. Then you'll look extra special. :roll:

posted by  vwhobo

Why bother? :roll: :puke: :roll: :puke: :roll: Did you watch 2F2F and now you think sticking lots of useless crap on your car will make it go faster? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: anyway, white would look best if you intend to use some sort of tribal decals..

posted by  R34RB30DETTV

Jesus Christ, people! Cusom multi-tone paint jobs have been around far longer than the FnF movies... Paint of ANY color doena' thelp a car go faster, it's ONLY there to be aesthetically pleasing to the owner, whether that coloir is effin STOCK or it's a 10 shade candy job, with multiple stripes, graphic elements, or designs!

When I did this Bug, do you honestly think I did the colors to make the car faster????

And this one, I thought looked good, but the paint didn't change how many hp it had one bit... does that mean it was worthless?

Now whether this guy wants to emulate the FnF crowd or not, the commentary is just ridiculous.

Personally, on a dark green metallic car, I'd go with gold stripes. Just don't overdo the add on color. In fact, I'd probably go with paint, and do it in a very light gold pearl, so that the stripes would just barely be visible...

posted by  ChrisV

Seems i need to make a second apology...I'M SORRY...!! :oops: See how many people i piss off when i'm in a bad mood.. I kinda said it in jest because all the "boy-racers" here stick all this crap on their cars and then boast about them and think it's impressive to have "NOS" stickers when they don't even have an install.. Chris, your bugs look great, i'm sure his decals will too and i'm sorry for the unnecessary comment i made... :thumbs:

posted by  R34RB30DETTV

No, I'm sorry, too. I'm in a bad mood about people making stupid assumptions all over the place today, and I went off a bit too strongly.

I'm just tired of people having such a low tolerance for what other people do to their own cars, and instantly accusing something of being "rice" if there's jnust customizing going on, that I've become a tad over sensitized to it. it just seems liek it's everyone's first response to put down something due to it being percieved as rice, and lately everything that isn't stock, a world beating supercar, or a well known winning race car is being called rice if it's even slightly customized. And even the race cars are getting put down for being "ricey" even with functioning aero add-ons and typical racing graphics.

posted by  ChrisV

My mustang is Electric green, so it is lighter than yours(think a semi-candy green color). I have black tribal pony with flame decals on it, but that is because it is a Vert and my top is black. Since green is a hard color theme to run with(no one makes green anything in the custom world), if my car was hard top I would probably run yellow. Though that is seen in the import crowd, yellow and green actually look pretty good. But black will always work too.

posted by  2001STANGPLAYA

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