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I recently bought a 1990 thunderbird SC (super charged). I need to get down into the engine so i can remplace the spark plugs, but the supercharger pipes take up alot of space and it is impossible to work on. I'm not sure if i can just start unbolting and ripping things off. Any thing i should know of before i do so?

posted by  DunnSC

In order to replace the spark plugs, you don't need to remove the supercharger, but you may have to move some things for access. IIRC, in order to get to it from the top, you need to remove the lower boost pipe.

Remove ignition wires. I tend to remove one wire and plug, and replace as I go, instead of all at once.

Remove spark plugs.

From repair manual: NOTE: Three different styles of Platinum enhanced spark plugs are produced for this engine. Each plug has a different part number, and use. AWSF-34P (depending upon application) spark plugs have a platinum enhanced center electrode and are used in cylinders 4, 5, and 6. AWSF-34PG (depending upon application) spark plugs have a platinum enhanced ground (side) electrode, and are used in cylinders 1, 2, and 3. If any spark plug is removed and reinstalled, it MUST be installed in the same cylinder from which it was removed. If any spark plug is replaced, use only spark plugs with part number AWSF-34PP (as listed on the VECI label). This replacement spark plug has double platinum enhancement on both the center and ground electrode and may be used in all six cylinders.

The spark plug change (with wires) is listed as a 2 hour job, but I'd say it's more like 3-4 hours for teh home mechanic.

posted by  ChrisV

Only ever did one of these (twice). Second time was because the owner was to cheap to buy the correct plugs. Use the right ones or the thing will crap out in about 200 miles. i had to do them from underneath by feel alone.4.5 hours is about right. It it one mofo of a job. :laughing:

posted by  talon699

You shouldn't have to take too much to replace the sparkplugs and if you do then i would not realy like whoever put that block together. But it is always fun to just start taking it apart. As long as you know how it goes back together

posted by  tjtravis

i own a 90' TBird SC, and just bought a 89' TBird SC for Parts....i need to know what to do to swap the super charger(only) from the 89' to the 90'...

posted by  Levidicuz

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