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how do i find how big of an engine i can fit in my car.

posted by  korruptd4life

im gonna say 3 litres

posted by  nighthawk

First you determine what kind of car you have, and how big the engine compartment is. You determine you skills at engine swaps and whether you need a bolt in swap or if you can fabricate something, then you need to know more about engines than what video games tell you.

Any automotive based engine can be put into any car, given enough fabrication skills.

We'd need more information on your particular car and what you want out of it.

posted by  ChrisV

i don't have a car just yet but i'm probably getting a 4-door lumina, a 94 i think.

posted by  korruptd4life

Judging from your question, I believe you're getting in WAY over your head with an engine swap. If you want a fast car, start out with a solid base. Something RWD that already has a good sized engine, or at least one that can handle a lot of boost. I'm betting you don't have the ability to do the fabrication yourself (even an engine that's smaller that your original RARELY bolts right in, you need to do a fair amount of fabrication) and that is going to cost a ton to have done professionally.

posted by  giant016

so where can i get headers and performance parts. i googled lumina performance parts and not shit came up. my buddy said he thinks the lumina is a ls.

posted by  korruptd4life

I have a grand prix gt with a 3.8,could I fit the 5.3 v8 fwd in??

Aaron6953   03 Sep 2012 04:30

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