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i own a 1990 thunderbird SC. I've been reading on em and everyone talks about storing thier cars for the winter. Is there any specific reason why I should put this car away for the winter? or are these people just taking good care of them.

posted by  DunnSC

Only necessary in an area where you see snow and ice. People store nice cars in the winter to save them from rust caused by the salt they put on the roads.

posted by  PontiacFan27

^^^ and to just keep them out of the harsh weather.

posted by  MakeItRain

I put mine away because I live on a small mountain, and I'd never make it home in a foot of snow. In the end, if you factor in the much lower insurance on a winter beater, plus my winter car gets better gas mileage, you can save $. On top of that, I'm putting less miles on my nice car, and it will never see a salted road.

posted by  giant016

Cold here is about 13°C, bloody freezing is about 6°C that can last as long as a couple of hours a day. Not much cause to store cars away for the duration for us.

posted by  Wally

damn Wally, youd be amazed the Harshness our cars in the Yukon are put through at -44, it was a must to have exact antifreeze/water mix to get you to a minimum of -45 rating,Oil pan heater(even 5w-30 doesnt flow well at -40) battery blanket(for obvious reasons)and a block heater to keep the coolant from freezing, and the Tranny was slow to shift unless you warmed it up for a good 10-15 minutes, poor motor :(

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap


posted by  dodger65

the only time we put cars away is when it rains!:laughing:
or when a tiny bit of snow falls (unlikely though, we dont get much!)

posted by  True_Brit

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