anyone know alot about for thunderbirds?

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In the 80's, there was the normal tbird, the turbo coupe, and the super coupe (super charged). I've been reading on the turbo coupes and to my knowledge, they were V4's all they way through its existance.

Were they ever available in a V6 turbo charged?

Another thing; from what I have read they stopped making this model in 88. Is there such thing as a 89 turbo coupe?

In theory: Let's say an 88 turbo charged 4cyl manual and a 1990 6cyl super charged auto were to race.. who would win?

thanks alot.

posted by  DunnSC

1. there was no such thing as a V4 in the t-bird. they came V8 302, V6 3.8, and I4 2.3.
2. through that body style, the V6 never came turbo.
3. in 1989 they only came V6, either N/A or supercharged
4. kind of a pointless question.

posted by  glagon1979

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