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Okay well I've been looking at cars, automatics, and well I'm confused. Why is it that if they aren't stick shift they have 2 and a 1. Meaning it goes P, R, D, N, 2, 1. Why? also with some of the cars theres also another stick that has a 2H, 4H, and whatever else. Again why? And my last question is about how to know how much gas to put in your car. Theres the five lines does it go 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 gallons? I just never really figured that out. Thanks in advance.

posted by  CarCrazyManiac

1,2 and D are all "go forward" gears. D (drive) will automatically change between all gears in the gearbox, depending on the driving conditions. 1 will only use 1st gear, 2 will only use 1st and 2nd. etc etc

That's in 4 wheel drive cars, for 4wd and 2wd changing.

The pump should automatically cut out once the tank is full.

posted by  windsonian

When you drop it into low you don't have coasting via the sprag clutch. This can be beneficial if you want to crawl down a hill with some compression braking.

Selecting low gears are probably well suited for places with icey roads, but I have only ever used "1" on the farm in the mud.

posted by  Wally

the five lines mean "empty, 1/4 tank, 1/2 tank, 3/4 tank, and Full" How many gallons each is is based on the size of your tank, and that varies by car. The owner's manual will give capacities, or you can just fill it up from empty and see how much it holds.

posted by  ChrisV

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