Is a c4 corvette engine faster than a 1995 z28 camaro?

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My friend knows someone who installed a c4 corvette engine in there 1995 z28 camaro, does this mean it has more horsepower and is faster than it was before?

posted by  portland5

posted by  99integra

same engine it was before inless it was a older C4 Corvette Engine the L98 but i doubt it would be but like i said if it was the later model which had the LT1 in it it the exact same thing so no way it could be faster than before.

posted by  Andrew0261

this is a rash generalised statement. many other variables could come into play.

posted by  windsonian

If I'm not mistaken, all 95 Z28s had the LT1, and most C4 Corvettes had the exact same LT1. Manual 1996 Corvettes had the LT4 which have more power than the LT1, I think GM under-rated them at 330hp. Some even had the LT5:drool: , although I think those were all ZR1s.

posted by  giant016

Well, you would be mistaken, which is no great surprise.

1. There were far more 230-245 hp L98's put in C4 Vettes from the factory from '85-'91 than there were LT1's from '92-'96. All Vette LT1's were rated at 300 hp.

2. Not all LT1's were created equal. The Vette LT1 was always rated about 10% more powerful than the Z28/TransAm LT1, which were always rated about 10% more powerful than the LT1 in full sized cars. The exception is the '96-'97 WS6/SS LT1 which was rated at 305 hp.

So... Putting a generic C4 engine into a '95 Z28 MIGHT mean it has more power and is faster. But looking strictly at the numbers, there's just as good a chance that it's less powerful and slower. Hell, we didn't even cover the 50k or so 205 hp L83's out there. Bottom line is that before you make a statement like that, make sure you have all the facts that are at your disposal.

Disclaimer: I did not personally measure the engines covered above on my own dyno or invent the LT1. These numbers are compiled from research I've done recently while searching for a project C4 for my wife to autocross and drive to work, which will be an LT1 Corvette... Unless I find something else with a stupid price.

posted by  vwhobo

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