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Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I just became the proud new owner of a 1978 monte carlo. It has been through a few owners an has a lot of things done to it. Some good an some bad. I am far from a expert mechanic but with advice,a new chiltons, an alot of patience we should be very happy together. I had a 1978 camero that i traded even up for it. People hear that an they say "that was stupid." But this ones in a lot better shape an my wife loves it. Which those of you who are married know that will make the completion much easier. Anyways I will post again as it continues. Also will probably have a few questions so I will post again Bye , Monte...

posted by  monte

Camaro. Just bugs me, I don't know why.

Welcome to the site, and a I'd rather have a clean Monte than a beat up Camaro. Especially if the Monte's black.:smoke:

posted by  giant016

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