When is the new 2008 camaro going to be available for sale?

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I was wondering when the new 2008 camaro going to be available for sale? and the new 2008 Z28 Camaro? Is the new 2008 Camaro RS going to be another V6 travesty and when that is going to come out.

I know the Transformers movie is going to be released on July 4th Starring the new Camaro as the main character "Bumble Bee" which was a Volkswagen Beetle in the cartoon series. Does this mean the new Camaro will be released around this time.

I was also wondering, Why even make a V6 camaro? It seems stupid.

posted by  portland5

I think you're completely missing the idea of a V6 Mustang or Camaro. Many 16 year old drivers want a Mustang or Camaro. The problem is that insurance on a V8 as well as gas costs will kill them. Furthermore, not many 16 year olds are ready for a RWD V8. Plus they're cheaper to buy and their parents will be a little less worried about them wrapping it around a pole. A 6-banger RWD car is great for kids just getting into cars. Not to mention 50 year old moms that want a "cool" car but have no need for speed. 1/2 or so Mustangs and Fbodies on the road are V6s, which means they're selling 2X as many cars if they but a 6 cylinder alongside the real muscle, meaning the development costs per car will be less, meaning that the V8s will cost less than they would if they were the only engine availible.

posted by  giant016

Don't hold your breath on that new Camaro...in 2002 they said it would be coming back for '04/'05 and suprise...it didn't...then they said it would be back for '06...funny, that never happened...then it was supposed to be this year...hmm...where is it? It's more likely that if it were to come back(which GM still isn't sure of) it would be as a 2010 model...if we're lucky.


posted by  Sick88Tbird

the new camaro model is coming out as a 2009 model, its supposed to be an 08-09 but we all know it'll be pushed to

posted by  jslow913

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