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Guys Im about to buy another DD and Im and considering a bunch of cars. I have been wonderin about the pontiac solstice GXP and the Saturn Sky Redline.

I like the way these cars look and relatively lightweight, but their hp numbers leave something to be desired. So I was wondering if these were like evryother factory FI car out there in which power cna be made very easily and cheaply.

Is the motor a LSj like in the Cobalt SS?
Is the motor good for more boost, or is the bottom end actually pretty weak?
Have people started modifying these cars?
What kind of numbers are they making?
Is there aftermarket parts readily available for these cars?

posted by  Enthusiast

I've been reading around, and it seems like it's pretty easy to make power with them. Stage 2 intercooler and exhaust from RPi gave one guy 276 rwhp, for example. Check out, they can help you more than we can.

posted by  PontiacFan27

Just shoehorn an LS7 in there and be done with it.:drool:

You're going with a 2 seater as a DD?

posted by  giant016

It's a Daily Driver, not a taxi cab. He only needs a seat for him and a seat for his bitch.

posted by  PontiacFan27

If I ever did a swap itd probably be something more budget minded like a 402 or 408. Im guessing your referencing Hot Rods LS7 solstice, but if you looked at the final price it was retarded, they said you could have just went and bought a C6 Z06.

yes Im may use a 2 seater as a DD? I pretty much just drive to school and go out with my girlfriend. If we are all goin out partyin, havin a 2 seater jut means I dont have to drive one of my buddys will.:clap

posted by  Enthusiast

I'd take an LS7 Solstice over a new Z06. The Solstice is a good amount lighter, and a nice sleeper. I was thinking of HotRod's buildup, but in all reality it could have been done a lot cheaper. It's still by no means a cheap build, and like you said, you could probably get similar results for less $ with a different engine. In the end I was pretty much kidding, I don't think a 500+hp Solstice would be a good DD. Then again we have different definitions of a good DD.

posted by  giant016

Yah Now that I think about it they did waste alot of money.

Hey I think a 500hp solstice would be a great daily driver, but then again my girlfriend probably wouldnt.

posted by  Enthusiast

after working at a pontiac dealership, the solstice ive learned is a pretty slick car. there is actually a decent amount of aftermarket for it. suspension, engine components. you could always throw on a bigger turbo. heck they have scca races with the solstice ( i beleive) they drift it, granted millen threw the gto engine in one... ad colbalt wise, go with the g5. a pontiac is always better than a chev... except for the vette and the camaro the first body styles*, though the firebird was a nice one too...

posted by  mazda6man

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