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So some of you guys may know, that chevrolet is no longer using a classic small block, or SB2.2, in its nascar cars. It now has a from scratch designed motor which has almost nothing to do with any production GM motor. It will only accomodate a dry sump system, and bunch of other crazy things but the worst is it has a front mount distributor, its almost sacreligious to see that on a chevy motor.:orglaugh:
I do love this motor as it will probably make all kinds of power and help keep toyota from dominating yet another motorsport.

But what I wanted to talk about was the SB2.2. I loved this motor cause you could go and buy the parts from a GM dealer, then all you needed was a shortblock to handle all the power and revs and you had a Nascar motor, plus you could get slightly ued parts for extremely cheap. I picked up a fully ported Sb2.2 top end and had it converted to reverse cooling for use on an LT1 for under 3K. All I needed was a STRONG bottom end, a fuel system to support it and a stand alone, and I was set for 600 N/A whp, but I gave up the idea of putting it in a car and now it sits til I find another use for it.

Just wondering what you guy thought of the SB2.2. It was cool seeing the old tech run with all the new guys and make in excess of 835hp N/A, oh and I know first hand that those cup motors are EXTREMELY STRONG, I got to drive a 750hp cup car, lot of fun, gave the instructor a scare as I slid up real close to the wall until he looked over and saw a big ole grin and realized I was doin it on purpose, haha.

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No one familiar with the SB2.2

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