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well... here's the situation

I have a job delivering pizzas at greco this summer, ill be making pretty good money (shooting for $800+ each pay) but there is a problem with that

my buick is a boat, and you have to use your own car for the job

another problem, the roads in my town are sickening, I mean think of the worst pothole you've ever hit ... Im hitting it 5 times a second driving around my town. (and buick's are suposed to "float over bumps" ive almost lost interior peices from such hard crashes)

I need a car to drive for this job and also be a daily driver

im not hard to please, I dont care what it looks like, I dont really care how fast it is, I just want something thats better on gas than the buick and has room for four people and most importantly, it must be able to handle pot holes and all kinds of unkept roads

and if the said vehicle is known to last a really long time. thats a plus too

( in case anyone is wondering, Im planning on selling the buick and buying the next vehicle with the money)

im thinking 4 cyl pickup trucks now but there could be better choices

feel free to ask any questions about my situation lol


posted by  nighthawk

lol you could always do what i do at ungodly hours of the night. go to ebay and type in "car" then do the buy it now option and sort by "price: lowest first" keeps me up for hours.

posted by  turbokas14

Well if its going to be your only car, I would into omething that performs at least decently so you dont get tired of it.

As much as I hate to recommend it haha, maybe a honda. Something like a prelude. It'd look good get good gas mileage and be pretty sporty, so you get everything your looking for and more.

posted by  Enthusiast

Maybe you didn't read this part...

But here's my thing...

Why replace your car for a summer job? A dumbass summer job. A stupid f*ckin' dumbass TEMPORARY summer job. Was that the best job you could find? Geez.... $800+ per pay period? You must get paid monthly, because I doubt you'd bank that every 2 weeks delivering pizzas, and I know for damn sure you ain't gettin' that every week. Are you depending on tips? HAHAHAH!! You'll learn...or maybe you're delivering pizzas that call for "extra anchovies"....hmmmm....

Get a car you like, not for a summer job.

posted by  What

well first of all, mostly to enthusiast. I am building a pontiac grand prix as a project car, ill worry about fun to drive later on

and second of all, I will be getting 800+ each pay, (bi-weekly)

$7 an hour + at least 45 hrs a week + 3 dollars for each house I deliver to + 100% of tips in my pocket

45+45= 90 -- 90 x 7 = 630 dollars every two weeks just for working there

+ 3 dollars per house + tips, lets say each person gives me a dollar tip, (some will not tip at all, some will tip a lot) and I deliver to 50 houses in a whole working day

3 x 50 = 150

150 + 50 (tips) 200

630 + 200 = 830 dollars every two weeks, assuming my average tip is one dollar, and also assuming I dont work any overtime or break 45 hours per week

the three dollars per house goes for gas (3 houses is 9 dollars, 9 dollars is around 8 litres of gas, I bareley burn a fraction of that driving 3 places in my small town ) Ill get off work every day with a tank of gas and a pocket full of change lol, besides the $630 going to my bank account

but I made this thread a few days ago, ive been talking to my dad and he made me realize ill save money in the long run just keeping the car I drive now ( in perfect shape ) instead of screwing around finding another car

and he has a point, although my car is boring to drive, it wouldnt be worth my time to sell it and go looking for something else

so yeah, probably my longest post ever

posted by  nighthawk

snag an old honda or toyota...they last forever

posted by  newyorker

your post is irrelevant, read the last part of the post above yours lol

posted by  nighthawk

Damn I always knew you Canadians were cheap but SHIT lol :laughing:

posted by  99integra

Is there tax in Canada?

posted by  What

I know a kid who delivered pizzas for a week or two. He quit because he assumed people tipped well. It isn't just Canadiens who are cheap.

Personally I tip well, I'd rather give my money to somebody working for it rather than a charity or homeless guy.

posted by  giant016

lol, yeah theres tax coming out of my check, but only something like 5-20 dollars

posted by  nighthawk

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