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My old-ish 99 GMC Sonoma pick up is getting horrible gas mileage. It started having trouble after replacing the fuel pump and fuel line last fall. I got ripped off by the guy who did it so went to someone I trust more to fix the small leak and check everything out. 2 tanks later (three months later...I don't drive this truck all that much) I noticed that I was barely getting 10 mpg. I took it back to my mechanic and he did a full tune up and said to bring it back in after 2 tanks. MPG was fine after tank #1, a little worse after #2 and only 12 MPG on take #3. I'll take it back in next week but I want to know- does anyone have any idea what else could be wrong? It is summer so I have been running the AC more, but should that really make the mpg go down that much? Before last fall, the truck was getting 17-20 mpg.

posted by  boothe

My guess is either contaminants in the fuel line, bad wiring to the fuel pump,
or the wrong fuel pump or line..

posted by  PontiacFan27

The second mechanic checked for problems like that but I guess I'll take it back again. I just haven't had time in the last few weeks to deal with it. It will need to go soon though to get the breaks checked so I can get this thing through inspection. Failed last week on the back breaks. I need to win the lotto or something so I can get a new car soon...

posted by  boothe

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