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im looking into boosting up a 1990 ford thunderbird SC a little bit. First thing that came to mind was chips because my father got his diesel chipped and was happy with the results. I see those chips on ebay for like 7 bucks and havent really been able to find something that doesnt sound like a load of bs. So:

1. anyone know of a effective/reliable chip company i could look into?
2. After i buy a chip and for some reason decide to take it off, does my
factory ecu settings automatically go back to normal?
3. What are other things I could do to give my car some boost?


posted by  DunnSC

1. no..if its cheap it wont work
2. no clue..probbably
3. boost it

dont get an ebay tied of hearing about them

posted by  newyorker

Yeah, don't buy those ebat chips, not only do they not work but they're known to fry other parts of your car's computer. I don't know of any big chip companies that put out a quality product, although I'm sure they're out there. Truck chips/reprogrammers seem to yeild better results than their car counterparts, I'm guessing because a truck's computer is set to be better for hauling stuff rather than hauling ass. Most larger trucks have a lot of untapped power becuase of this.

Your cars is supercharged, so I'm guessing an upgraded pulley would give you some nice gains.

posted by  giant016

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