what is the cheapest and easiest way to add speed to my Z28?

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What is the cheapest and easiest way to turn my 1997 Z28 Camaro into a really fast car?

posted by  portland5

wtf it already a really fast car i miss my z28 right now it sitting wrecked and im waiting for insurance and all kind of shit AHHH so gay ill have to find another=( anyways there tons of things u can do nitous supercharger Cam etc i mean come on you shouldnt have to ask these things=0

posted by  Andrew0261

put a big spoiler on it...then add stickers from random japanese manufacturers, and put a cheap 20 dollar ebay muffler on it..youll be a hit with the ladies i swear to you

dont forget chrome spinning hubcaps and lights...just go to pep boys to the lighting aisle and have a ball..then move to the accesories aisle and grab all the vents and stuff that you can

in the end this will be your result

http://www.subiegal.com/images/events/WA%20Rice/summer2005/honda-ricer.jpg< br />
picture that but with a camaro

posted by  newyorker


posted by  giant016

and you wonder why no one respects your opinion.... :screwy:

posted by  windsonian

another joke you didnt catch on to:banghead:

posted by  newyorker

Well back to the original poster. Well Like Giant said Nitrous is a good way but it is not really cheap
You need
Air Fuel Ratio Gauge
Colder plugs
Hell of a tune
Plus a lot more stuff that I got tired of listing
And I strongly recommend going through the ignition system and strengthening the weak points especially on the LT1.

Also its wise to before you start sprayin a car to do all the bolt ons or some at least. Like CAI, Elbow, Headers, and Catback. 1.6RRs, TB, UDPs, and EWP optional.

I recommend looking into the dynotune kits. Cant remeber the site just good that.

Nitrous can be safe but there is always that chance of a nitrou backfire which is usually expensive.

Nitrous is usually regarded as cheap because people half ass there kits and dont get all the parts. If your gonna do it do it right unless you are prepared to replace a motor.

Its probably cheaper than a GOOD FI setup but I bet you could probably do a pretty good N/A build for just slightly more, then you'd always have power.

posted by  Enthusiast

Oh and to complete the look dont forget to run your exhaust ALL the way to the back then right after the wheel to a goofy ass 90* bend and exhaut perpendicular to the ide of the car:clap:

posted by  Enthusiast

yea..thats what makes it really rumble and have a deep tone, and gives it an f1 like howl in the tunnel (dont take my word for it im going to make a video within the week)

posted by  newyorker

no... i got the joke... it just wasn't funny.

remember how you used to react when people said the same sorts of things about you??

posted by  windsonian

the best advice i can give to the postr is work more and ask less stupid questions. then go to a shop, and have then put parts on for you (with the money you make working and not asking dumbass questions youll have enough). try not to get yourself banned from the shop for saying "i have an exhaust but it doesnt sound like a ferrari! wtf guys?!?"

posted by  newyorker

Yah I bet a single 90* bend and a tip transform the sound from you 115 hp 4 cylinder thats sounds like a fart into a 19K RPM 3L (maybe) V10 with around 900 hp.


posted by  Enthusiast

You PAID SOMEONE to poorly weld your exhaust. I'd rather you suggest he research and ask MORE questions and investigate his own car first-hand. A real enthusiast doesn't want to pay someone to build their car for them...you bitch.

If he doesn't ask stupid questions, he'll get stuck with a stupid car that he'll want to sell after adding tons of money worth of no-go-fast bullshit to his car. Remember yourself?

posted by  What

oh youll see

posted by  newyorker

it doesnt bother me cause i can sell my car quick if i really want to...just no point for me

posted by  newyorker

read his question and try again.

posted by  windsonian

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