what is the difference between an ss and a z28?

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a 1997 Camaro SS is faster than a 1997 Z8. How Can I make my 1997 Z28 into an SS?

posted by  portland5

a SS isnt faster than Z28 the only real diffrence is the suspenion and the Hood

posted by  Andrew0261

The intake and Catback are different.

If its an auto then all auto SSs get 3.23 rear gears while they are an option on the Zs.

SSs came with 17 inch wheels compared to the Z28s 16s

Hood and Spoiler are of course different.

Suspension is different and varies between cars.

Few SSs and Firehawks got the LT4 (93-97) bodystyles.

I think there are a numbered plaque to but thats about it.

The SS is actualyy slightly faster than a stock Z but a catback and an good CAI (SS ram air sucks) and your faster than a SS.

posted by  Enthusiast

If you want it to look exactly like an SS, I suggest you sell yours and save up to buy a real SS. You'll probably save a few bucks, and will gain a lot when you resell.

Performance-wise, most 97 SSs weren't that much faster than the Z28s. A few SSs had the LT4, but those are pretty rare and I assume you're talking about all the others. Basically like Enthusiast said, a good intake and catback should put you in SS territory.

posted by  giant016

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