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Ford has unveiled a new SUV apparently only going to the US at the moment though! The Edge HySeries Drive as it's apparently known uses electric motors linked to each axle to drive it. These are powered by under-floor batteries, and when they drain to 40 per cent of their charge, the hydrogen fuel cell kicks in to replenish them. It gives the car a range of 225 miles, but the best bit is that the only emission is water deposited beneath. Ford has fitted the HySeries drivetrain in its new Edge SUV, although the technology can be applied to any vehicle. And this is the first hybrid that you simply plug in to charge. So will this be the futute for all SUVs? And will this please the anti-SUV brigade? Probably not, lol. I alsso recall seeing a stupidly hefty price-tag somewhere, too.....

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posted by  Cliffy

I highly doubt we'll see a hydrogen car (or SUV for that matter) in the next 10 years. At least is shows some initiative though.

posted by  giant016

Aren't there already plug-in hybrids? Also, would it still use the heat from the brakes to generate electricity?

posted by  chris_knows

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