Is a nissan 350-z better that a 1997 z28 camaro?

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1) Is a 2006 Nissan 350 z faster than a 1997 z28 camaro?
2) Is a 2006 Nissan 350 z a better car than a 1997 z 28 camaro?
3) Why is a Nissan 350 z so popular?
4) Is a Nissan 350 z more popular and more desired than a 1997 camaro z28 and why?
5) which would you rathar have?
6) why is a 1995 Honda Civic and a 1995 mitsubishi eclipse so desired?
7) Can a 1995 Honda Civic, a 1995 mitsubishi eclipse and a 2006 Nissan 350 z be compared to a ferarri more so than a 1997 camaro z28 based on power to weight ratio and maneuverability than the 1997 camaro z28 which is driven mainly by power and not maneuverability? 7/Nissan/

posted by  portland5

Camaro is faster than all other cars mentioned.

350z may be nicer, but still slow as hell and no potential N/A. ANd boost is expenisve with minimal returns.

350z is heavy but handles decent.

Stick with the Z28 for the cheap aftermarket and great potential.

posted by  Enthusiast

1. probbably not
2. yes
3. because it looks great
4. yes..becuase its nicer
5. 350z hands down
6. because the 95 civic is highly customizable, and an eclipse is easy to make fast
7. no no no no no no no no no jesus these are passanger cars not supercars!!! i tihnk a civic with a good suspension can outhandle a camaro with the same

posted by  newyorker

this thread makes my eyes bleed

posted by  nighthawk

This topic makes me want to punch something.

posted by  Spanky2324

I'm guessing a 97 Z28 will be about as fast acceleration wise as a 350Z. I think the 350Z is a more popular car right now because it is a sporty import with a good image among young drivers, while the Camaro is seen as a car that should be parked next to a double-wide with Whitesnake playing in the tape deck. Civics have a good image, and 95 Eclipses I believe had the AWD turbo option, which can be made very fast for very cheap. Keep in mind they have the legacy of being extremely unreliable when modded though (the Eclipse). I wouldn't compare either of these cars to a ferrari.

If you want a sporty car that's just overall nice, get the 350Z. If you want to go fast and don't care about the fine details of the car, stick with the Z28. If you want to go faster it will probably be a lot easier/cheaper with the Camaro. If you want a Sunday driver or track car (a non daily-driver) modding an AWD turbo Eclipse or it's sister the Eagle Talon Tsi. If you want to get a slow car and make it a little less slow, all while putting sweet racing stickers on it and a spoiler you could mistake for a tanning bed, get a Civic. Alright, I'm ragging on the Civic a lot, but the few fast ones I've seen have a ton of work done to the engine and have a completely stripped intertior.

posted by  giant016

Plus most powerful civics usually ET or run like shit. Ive only seen a handful of powerful civics worth racing, wether it be street or track. Just harder to hook a FWD car.
I dominated a 440whp local civic driver. We went from a first gear roll and he was the mayor of spin city, haha.

posted by  Enthusiast

I've seen the tuners crank out some fast N/A 350Z's...that 3.5 has got a lot of just costs an arm and a leg to unlock said potential. As far as the 350Z being's comparable to the '97 Z28...just feels heavier due to it's lack of low end torque...something the LT1 made gobs of.

I would put my money down on the '97 least from a performance standpoint. Civics are a dime a dozen and cheap as can be, it's easy for kids to get in and start the process of building a queer ass rice rocket.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

I just happened to stumble onto these forums, and I thought I would throw in my opinion. I was lucky enough to get a 1997 1LE Z28 in 1998. I have never driven a regular 1997 Z28, but I have driven a 350Z, so i might be able to offer some insight. The 1LE hands down obliterates the 350Z off the line. I might be comparing apples to oranges here, but the camaro rips off the line like there is no tomorrow compared to the 350Z, and although it is bigger, can corner just as sharp and stable. As far as top end, in my own experience, the 1LE CAN bury the needle at 155. It may take a little while, as it does not produce nearly as much power at higher RPM's like the LS1, as my 2002 can still take my 97 1LE after 130 MPH while accelating in 5th gear, but the 97 will get there a heck of a lot quicker. The 350Z fells very consistant, it doesnt really throw you back. It produces a very smooth clean acceleration. The camaro fells like someone just hit you in the forehead with a brick. The 350Z however does not really lose power between low RMP and high RPM, the Camaro seems to start loosing some oomph at about 4800-5000 RPM. So in closing, if you happen to be right next to a 350Z, while driving at 130-140 MPH (On a closed track of course) and you both gun it, thats about the only chance that 350Z has.

posted by  Red 97 1LE

amazed at the information in this not sure how old it is but the most powerful lt1(97) makes 2 hp less then the weakest 350z(03-04) and makes 20 hp less then the 06 your asking about. the torque on the z28 is 60 ft lbs more but its negated on most of the z28's but this is negated by gear ratios. the best z28 had 3.42 rear ends(very rare) with a 3.36 first gear for a total force multiplier of 11.49 while the 350z has a rear end ratio of 3.52 and first gear of 3.794 for a total force multiplier of 13.355 this puts them nearly at the same level(z28 has a slight advantage from more initial force but this is further negated by the heavier rotational mass of the live rear axle vs the independant of the 350.)

from a straight line aspect they are even both on paper as well as the times pro drivers ran in them both stock. if your looking for for handling then its no comparison the 350z beats the z28 hands down, my 03 350z with stock suspension destroys the laptimes of my old 00 camaro with full solid suspension koni double adjustables, and eibach springs and sways. thats to be expected however from the lower center of gravity of the 350 as well as a better suspension design. as far as power production the lt1 isnt worth it, the systems are ancient and you would be better with a ls1 swap. on the other hand the 350z is going to be expensive as hell, it cost me about 24k to get 800 rwhp from it you will be able to do a turbo ls1 swap making a good bit more power for the same amount invested in the z28

wow   23 Jun 2012 10:33

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