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I found a clip of my new exhaust from when I first put it on, so its still stock cam in the video:sleep: but here it is anyways with a clip of the old.

And I only changed it because the law got me and he gave me 3 days to change it and my buddies Z had just been wrecked so he gave it to me for 40 bucks minus tips. I still havent even got the Corsa tips on there, so excuse the !tips.

Its hooker catback, Ory, pacesetter Long tube headers.
1 3/4 Primaries
3" all the way back to muffler
2 2.5 inch tailpipes out the back.

http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j131/TAEnvy/th_MOV00652.jpg (http://s79.photobucket.com/albums/j131/TAEnvy/?action=view¤t=MOV0065 2.flv)


posted by  Enthusiast

haha just realized I wasnt wearing a shirt. Sorry it must have been hot or something.:orglaugh:

posted by  Enthusiast

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posted by  Enthusiast

Any with the "new" cam(s)?

posted by  DSMer

I think they were both horrible. Il try to get a clip of my buddy Marcus's 5.0 exhaust its a beast

posted by  newyorker

both clips sound good, the engine likes to rev by the sound of it

nice burnout btw :wink2:

posted by  nighthawk

Yeah I kind of thought that at first. It sounds more like a Jaguar meowing than a Lion Roaring. I'm sorry to say but that car doesn't even sound like it can run 11's. Shit... my GSX WITHOUT cams sounds meaner than that.

posted by  DSMer

The Lt1 is a OHV motor, its cam.

And no sure dont.

Should be at the track this friday, ill be N/A but I can try and get my buddy to video my runs.

To Nighthawk, yah the lightweight flywheel really made it rev happy. Its even better when your drivin with the 3.73s. It will turn 1st and 2nd over extremely fast.

posted by  Enthusiast

Haha sorry to tell you this but nitrous wont really change the way a car sounds. At least not in a sound clip.

And no 4 cylinder ever sounded good. They all fart when they are comin down.

And smart guy you shoudlnt judge a cars performance on its sound. There are bolt on LS1s and LT1s in the 11s on stock heads stock cam and no nitrous.

posted by  Enthusiast

Nitrous will make your exhaust note a lot louder. But I guess you didn't know that.

Many 4 Cylinders sound good. That is just your opinion. You don't have enough education and or experience for your opinion to matter anyway.

Smart guys do judge performance by sound. You ever hear the distinctive whine of a turbocharger or a supercharger? How about the rough idle of a car with heavily retarded/advanced cams? Maybe the distinctive sound of a Honda's VTEC? Are you really as dumb as you sound or are you just playing stupid? People who work and live around performance vehicles tend to pick up on these things. But I guess since all you race are Cavaliers and Civics you wouldn't know that either.

Although I don't condone it, most good street racers become good by not having the fastest car but having good general knowledge of other cars and a GOOD ear. Half the time its not having the faster car but knowing who is slower than you. Which if you're not given the chance to look under the hood SOUND(which is a very important aspect of engines since you don't know that) can definitely give away key factors into determining what someone may or may not have under the hood.

You can't mask the sound of true power, just as true, you can't MAKE the sound of power if you don't have it.

Gosh you really are stupid.:banghead:

I don't care what OTHER LS1's and LT1's have done with their cars. YOU ARE NOT THEM. You have NO proof as to how fast your car is and I guarantee that when you go to the track you're going to magically "forget" to film it or your girlfriend, or some other whore is going to take your camera. Well whoop-te-do!

Congratulations piss ant. Grow up and stop playing internet racer on Mommy's computer.

posted by  DSMer

If you look back in my post i said at least not in a sound clip. Who is gonna spray a car with it in nuetral for a sound clip. Sound like a good way to blow the motor up.
Hit the fuel cut off and a little nitrous keeps flowing, BOOM!

No theyt dont.

ALot of really fast guys try really hard to not sound stupidly fast. Why do you think most supercharger companies advertise there newer quiter HU.

Cammed cars arent always fast. Ever heard of 5.0s. Some of those guys are doing cam swaps and getting nest to no gain from them.

HONDAS VTEC!!!! HAHAH Vtec doesnt make anything fast.

Alot of mart guys look at more than jut the sound. If a stock long block LS1 comes around and its got a crazy idle liek 240 duration idle. It probably runs like shit, especially if its stock headed. Youll learn one day that alot of cars that sound fast are really slow, like alot of your DSM buddies who run retardedly loud BOV, I think a popular one i like the SSQR or something like that. Also alot of fast guys dont sound it, its called a sleeper.

Ever heard of cheater cams. Low duration cams that raise dynamic compression, but idle like stock? Doubt it.
A strong knowledge of the type of cars is always better than what you hear.

Have you ever seen the Nova that i think W2W built. It was in hotrod. It was a LSX motor with twin rotrex superchargers. Ran 9 or 10s and nobody expected a thing because it looked and SOUNDED stock but had almost 1K hp.
What let me guess 1K hp isnt "true power"
A high idle and quiet exhaust will hide alot of cams.
And a low idle will make any cam lope like crazy

Your so funny. It seems you make a stupid post, to flame me since all you do is troll, and I seem to have answers and then magically you dissapear. I dont understand why you have a problem with me but I dont mind. Its fun making you look like an ass.

Ohh and I never got your reply after I listed off the build in the civic thread. Huh did you run out of questions after I had all the answers.

posted by  Enthusiast

Yes I know this. When will you stop telling me... :sleep:

Stop trying to weasel your way out of shit. You don't know what you're talking about and I'm not the only person who can tell.

Statement:"nitrous wont really change the way a car sounds"

Statement: "Cammed cars arent always fast"
Who cares... my point is you can still HEAR them.

Statement:Why do you think most supercharger companies advertise there newer quiter HU.
People do like quiet in their daily drivers. Hence NEWER! For NEWER cars. :banghead:

Statement: HONDAS VTEC!!!! HAHAH Vtec doesnt make anything fast.
*BUZZ* FALSE. Honda happens to make the strongest 2.0L 4cyl N/A VTEC engine WHICH will beat your car in its stock form. Even with you supporting minor modification.

Statement: "Youll learn one day that alot of cars that sound fast are really slow"
Who cares, doesn't debate the fact that you can HEAR them. UGHH... this is really getting boring.

Statement: Have you ever seen the Nova that i think W2W built.
No I haven't and quite honestly I don't give a shit. Unless you have a video that proves what it sounds like your hearsay goes in the invalid box with the rest of your misinformed opinions

Statement: I seem to have answers
Key word. "Seem" look it up in the dictionary.

Statement: Huh did you run out of questions after I had all the answers.
No I ran out of time for your bullshit. Some of us have jobs and don't live at home with mommy and daddy. I'm a grown man bitch I have stuff to take care of.

posted by  DSMer

exhaust sound good, i would go with slp or magnaflow instead, and i guess you're saying that you run 11's, hmmmm the 85 monte carlo that we have in our club runs high 10s but even when its strapped on the trailer, the whole trailer rocks when it revs up and you cant stand by it too long, you can def feel the power, now im not saying your sounds bad it doesnt sound bad at all for maybe a stock z28, as far as burnout vid goes...cmon water??? u put water on the pvmt to make tires slip? with running 11s (prob around 450-550hp needed, not sure) you would shread those tires up, in your vid again it looks like a stock z28

here is a vid of of our stock 97 z28 doing a burnout after a car show

http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v254/treefrog1112/?action=view¤t=MV I_0079.flv

...and the 11 sec Monte Carlo



You think you come close to that, im new here but if you got a vid of you running 11s i would love to watch it and will take all the bullshit back. Thank You!

posted by  07exlv6

Both of you have have good and bad points in your supporting arguements, but neither of you are 100% correct...I don't have the time and energy to get involved in somebody elses fights...

I really don't think it's a fair comparison between both exhaust clips...one is free revving, the other is during a burn out when the engine is loaded...makes a big difference right there.

Enthusiast...cammed 5.0's with stock heads sound so bad ass because of the teeny tiny ports and valves in the stock heads...that's also usually the reason why they don't pick up much with cam swaps...nevermind the fact that most guys float the valves because they cam up a stock engine and don't upgrade the springs...my buddy had a stock stock 5.0 with full exhaust and a b-cam...sounded like the nastiest thing in the world...then he got Twisted Wedge heads and a GT-40 intake...same cam...had a nice docile idle with the heads and intake.

If you really know what you're looking(more like listening) for, you can tell if a fast car is being kept quiet or if a slow car is just obnoxiously loud...VTEC...lol, i hate'em, but you can really tell when it kicks in just by listening.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

Yah with the lightweight flywheel the car revvs up and falls down to quick to get a good sense of how it sounds out on the road.

Thats pretty said that they are throwing cams in there without upgrading the valve train.

posted by  Enthusiast

Well, not everybody has a fully functional brain these days. Hell, I put 1.7rr's on with the stock cam and went out and bought a set of crane valve springs.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

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