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Does anyone know how hard it would be to put a 350 in a 1998 buick lasabre, and making it rear wheel drive? could i just use parts off of a 98 camaro?

posted by  jamfam

welcome to cf

and everything you said is easily possible, if you're a millionaire

posted by  nighthawk

No, you couldn't just throw on parts from a 98 Camaro. It takes a lot of work to do that, and if you have no idea how much work it might take you can't do it.

posted by  PontiacFan27

I know its a lot of work but i cant see why it wouldn't work. I got the idea when i was looking at my friends camaro he just bought, when I asked him what was in it for a motor he said "3.8" thats when my wheels started turning.

posted by  jamfam

Sure it'll work. All you have to do is modify the front subframe and steering to fit the engine. The you need to completely reshape the firewall to make room for the engine and then totally rework the floorpan to make room for the transmission, driveshaft and third member. Of course you also have to fabricate and install pick-up points for the rear suspension. Finally, if you're swapping in a manual transmission you need to fabricate a three pedal pedal assembly. That mostly covers the mechanical portion of the swap.

Now you need to figure out how to interface the engine and PCM wiring harness to connect the Camaro's LS1 in place of the 3.8 and make the entire electrical system work. It's really an easy conversion. Shouldn't take a genius like you more than a weekend or two. Have fun and make sure to post pictures.

posted by  vwhobo

The end result would be awsome and I imagine 1 of a kind.

posted by  jamfam

Go over to LS1tech and check out the conversion and hybirds forum.

The LS1 has been put in an EVO while maintaining the AWD ( I do believe), and grand prix while maintaining the FWD setup. They could give you some good pointers.

posted by  Enthusiast

thanks i'll be sure to check that out. If it will go into a grand prix im sure it will go in mine because the engine in mine now is a 99 grand prix GTP.

posted by  jamfam

The GTPs are the supercharged ones arent they. So you would have the GS.

Just stick with that motor. Ive seen thos SC 3.8s run 13s with just a pulley tune and intake.

Pullied, full bolt on and cammed ones are putting down over 300whp.

posted by  Enthusiast

Alright, let me spit my 2cents on this one. Judging by your posts, you don't know a ton about cars. I'm not criticizing, because I don't know much either, but still. This is a HUGE F*CKING job.

And will an LS1 be able to go into your car? Yes, it can go into any car with a LOT of work. I hope you know how to fabricate a lot of parts, as the engine, tranny, and virtually all other parts won't just bolt in, they will need to be customized...heavily. Something simple, like a driveshaft, will need to be custom made. You will spend many dollars and many, many hours (assuming you're a very proficient mechanic, otherwise you're wasting your time) just to make a car that is slower than a Camaro or T/A in the first place.

If you really want to do a motor swap with an LS1, pick up a RX7. The process will be a lot easier, you will be guided be people who have done it before, and in the end you will have a nice looking, fast car. Or as it's been mentioned, your SC'd engine responds well to mods. This is probably the best route.

Let me stress this again: HUGE F*CKING JOB. Look at what Hobo posted. Do you have any idea how to do any of that? Good luck finding any help online as this is an odd project that not many will have experience in. Bring it to a shop and you could probably buy a Vette for the $ you'll spend. HUGE F*CKING JOB.

posted by  giant016

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