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I have a 1989 Pontiac Firefly. It has the little dainty 3 cyl engine. I would like to get a 4 cyl and rebuild it to replace the existing motor. Now, my question is what motor and what car is it found in can i swap without having to move the engine mounts?

posted by  Astino

i think that since you are adding one more cylinder u will have to move the mounts regardless

posted by  07exlv6

what about the 4 cyl from a suzuki swift. wouldnt that have the same engine mounts than the 3 cyl?

posted by  Astino

Probably not because it's a larger engine.

posted by  Cliffy

Maybe if the 3 cylinder is derived from a larger engine, you could use the bigger 4 or 6 cylinder and retain the motor mounts.
Just thinkin out loud though.

posted by  Enthusiast

i decided to move away from the 4 cyl because i would need all of the electrical too, so i'm thinking of rebuilding a 3 cyl turbo. how much would that cost?

posted by  Astino

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