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Just saw a new 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan today,:puke: what ever in the world happened to it?

http://i.a.cnn.net/money/galleries/2007/autos/0704/gallery.kbb_best_looking _car_brands/images/2008_dodge_caravan.jpg

What happened to the simplicity of a simple minivan? since when have they become mini RVs?

http://l.yimg.com/img.autos.yahoo.com/i/articles/new_auto_show_2007_article s/dodge_grand_caravan/dodge_grand_caravan_10_x.jpg

Even the seats fold 4 different ways, for crying out loud.
What ever happened to the minivan that just hauled kids and stuff from point A to point B. Now it takes 20 minutes to find which compartment you hid the lunch in.

And why the 4.0L V6? a turbo I4 had plenty of power in '89.
And isn't 9 speakers with subwoofers a little excessive?
115 Volt outlet?
overhead ambient surround lighting?
Removable flashlight?
Interior conversation mirror? i thought we needed to look where we were driving?
SIRIUS back seat TV?
2nd and 3rd row manual window shades?
Power fold away mirrors?
Wireless headphones?
Whatever happened to the column shifter, and how does putting it on the instrument panel save floor space?

I think Dodge needs to decide if it's building a minivan or a luxury SUV, or can we not call it an SUV because SUVs are gas guzzlers? but seriously, this thing has more accessories in it than I have in my room. Or can kids not be separated from their TV long enough to drive to soccer practice? Not that many of us actually care about a minivan, but I guess I miss the simplicity of older cars. Call me old fashioned, but this is a minivan for crying out loud.


posted by  dvdrose18

Unless they market it as a youthful/road-trip vehicle, it doesn't make sense, but then why would they market it as that when minivans (if you can call it that) are the epitome of uncool for most college students.

posted by  chris_knows

That's a sexy skyline....:P
Least it looks like one.

posted by  DVSk8er222

Yes, it cannot be described as "simple" by any means, but I think today's minivans are evolving to meet the needs of consumers. I know that as a kid I would have loved to have a DVD player and TV in the backseat to watch during long road trips. Think about how bored children get when traveling for a long time... this would certainly keep them entertained and make parents' trips more relaxing.

posted by  boothe

There's a difference between a DVD player in the headrest and mood lights, excessive speakers and a table lol. I'm sure that Chrysler had many focus groups to discuss what people wanted in a car, and what they didn't want. This is the best way for them to satisfy everyone.

posted by  chris_knows

Yeah, I agree, I think the Caravan will satisfy a variety of consumers. Also, its not as if the cool interior features are all it has to offer. The Caravan realizes the importance of safety, and comes with brake-assist and 3 side-row airbags.

posted by  boothe

Personally I like the new Caravan, but prefer the looks of the Town and Country version better but agree that there's more options than you'd ever need. Just add a small bar fridge in the back and you could have a poker tournament in the thing. The only problems are with more power options comes more things to fail, also the power folding rear seat doesnt have anything to stop it once it gets going, so that could be a problem if you forget anything in its path.

posted by  car_crazy89

like a small child muahahahhahah

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Really? What do you prefer about the T&C over the G Caravan? I actually bring this up because I was just looking at the two. Reading one of the pamphlets of the new caravan it looks like they put a ton of new features in. Everyone is making a big deal about the swivel seating, but I really like the MyGIG entertainment system. I think it adds a little fun for the adults (who says the kids get to have all the fun anyways?)

posted by  MakeItRain

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