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I know most of you guys are all about domestics, and hate ricers....I am a 50/50 kind of guy.
Some ricers are amazing and are pretty good, others just suck and should die.
All domestics are sexy....unless you can't drive then it sounds horrible.

So I'm thinking what's a really good domestic car to get thats nice and cheap/sounds good?
Because I've always wanted a 240sx(ricer I know :P) but then again I want a good car...any suggestions?
Either a domestic or something.

posted by  DVSk8er222


posted by  07exlv6

My friend has that car...right now I currently share a car with my dad.
A '07 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT V6.
But I just want to buy my own car....the one I have sounds nice because I've already bought new headers for it, greddy intake and exhaust system, and a new ECU chip..So it's got about 330-350hp from 263hp stock...heheh it's a super car....
Like I said though, I want to buy my own car.

posted by  DVSk8er222

my head exploded, sorry

posted by  nighthawk

:banghead: :stupid:

posted by  07exlv6

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