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It's not certain that it will be made because they are worried about having to raise the fuel economy, but apparently, if they do build it, they're gonna do it one of these ways:

-Continue making the car better, like they have been for the last 50 years, by stuff like reducing weight, displacement on demand, changing the styling around, etc.

-They could build a limited edition mid-engined Corvette, as was mentioned a couple of weeks ago on here, which would be significantly more expensive, and won't perform much better. They might make Corvette a completely separate brand from Chevrolet, selling both front and mid-engined cars, like a base model and a super-car model. Splitting the brand up is the least likely option.

-The final (and for now not very probable) option is to change the Corvette completely so that it gets higher fuel economy, but is about the size of a Solstice, with a severe reduction in horsepower.

My opinion? It's still too early to predict what's going to happen.

Here's some artist's renderings:
http://images.motortrend.com/features/auto_news/2007/112_0711_02z+2012_chev rolet_corvette+front_view.jpg

http://images.motortrend.com/features/auto_news/2007/112_0711_01z+2012_chev rolet_corvette+side_view.jpg

And a couple more pics (http://www.motortrend.com/future/future_vehicles/112_0711_2012_chevrolet_c orvette/photo_01.html).


posted by  chris_knows

ugly..the last corvette i liked was this body


they lost their way

posted by  newyorker

I love the bottom picture, looks very aggressive. Not sure that having 'Corvette' as its own brand would work though.

posted by  Cliffy

I'm not liking the looks at all. Looks like an import to me. Keep it front-engined and (relatively) cheap. It's still real early, but I recall the the C6 concept pics/specs were fairly accurate.

posted by  giant016

I can almost guarentee(sp) you guys the next gen corvette will look nothing like these pics here

Im not saying I know what it looks like or anything, but im pretty sure chevy wouldnt do anything like the first picture, and the second picture just looks like a regular C6 with huge wheels and a few lines shifted IMO

posted by  nighthawk

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