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hi all not sure if this is in the right place but here goes. iv been drawing portraits for a couple years but just recently gave cars a go so far i have only done a few muscle cars but wanted some feedback from the people who know how they should really look. its all good and well people who draw saying thats great but they know art not cars so i would like any critisism that anyone has to offer, and basically i wanna find out if its worth me moving away from portraits in the direction of car drawing or should i stick with the portraits. RKED.jpg MARKED.jpg WATERMAR.jpg MARKEDco.jpg kerWATER.jpg

the last one was just for fun, 69 charger with lowered roof, rounded rear end, flarred arches and tribal graphics, i know the rear wheel would never really fit its arch, i screwed up and by the time i realise it was too late to change it.

well thanks in advance
lemme know what you think.

posted by  tin23uk

Well, I haven't seen your portraits. I really like the sketches. I use to own a 72 Chevelle. Nice job on that and all of your work is awesome.

posted by  torker

Thought they were pretty cool. Dont much care for what you did with the charger. It seems the roofline is a little off and im not feeling the flares or tribal stuff but all the work is good quality.

I did one for a final in an art class a while back of a 427 AC/Shelby cobra I wish I had a scanner big enough for it so I could post it.

I hate drawing cars though, it takes me a while to get all the lines right in anything but a straight on or profile vew. I cant get foreshortening down on a car.

posted by  Enthusiast

Dude your F430 is awesome and your R8 looks almost too real

And your portraits are really good

posted by  Enthusiast

thanks man, yeah my newer stuff is getting much better, i started blending the lead and it gives them a much smoother look. was really confused for a min wondering how you saw my other stuff, im guessing you went to my photobucket.

posted by  tin23uk

Yah I was gonna post up the 430 but I figured that wouldnt be cool. I'd let you if you wanted to

posted by  Enthusiast

Great stuff man:smoke:

posted by  speeder

get a job with chip foose

posted by  raybo100

heres the f450 and some other new ones would have posted it sooner but after my puter had some issues and i had to format i lost the address for car forums. py.jpg D.jpg ED.jpg

posted by  tin23uk

WOW! Very Nice Sketches! I wonder what my EG would look like sketched?

posted by  elchango36

yea if u wana do a few of ours for fun, il post mine up

posted by  newyorker

Holy sh*t. Sick! You have some real art talent, better use it.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

not a bad idea but right now im backlogged, got 3 portraits commisions. then i got 3 paintings to do on an old ass mill saw (dont know how im gonna pull that off cos the only time i ever pick up a paintbrush is for decorating my house) then a couple car commisions. then hopefully ill get around to some requests so long as more paid comissions dont pop up.

commiisions are great for the cash but i find i cant draw as well when im under the pressure of a deadline and i get nervouse that the customer wont be happy with the finnished article

posted by  tin23uk

lol if they arent happy, ask them if they can draw a better one, then tell them to shut up lol kiddin

with the stuff u posted, i dont think anyone will be disappointed

posted by  newyorker

:thumbs: Good job. I'm glad someone has the patience to do that. lol

posted by  enigmanuma

Your sketches are great. I wish I could do that. I mess around with pencil but have nowhere near your ability.

Maybe there is a market for combining car drawing and portraits. I mean, it seems to me that someone who had restored an old muscle car might well want a portrait of himself (or herself) WITH the car.

posted by  kansas girl

i believe drawing things like cars are quiet easy to do if you have the patience. its more of a technical thing rather than an artistic one, personally i have no artistic or creative ability. all i can do is copy what i see and my eyes differentiate well between levels of shade.

if you ever wanna try drawing cars kansas girl, try drawing a grid made up of 1cm squares on a print out of a car, do the same on your blank paper and then just copy each block onto you blank page, once you hav a decent outline and have the proportions looking good rub out the gridmarks and set to work on the shading by building layers of lead and using an earbud or scruntched up piece of paper to smooth out the lead in between layers. and dont be scared to lay the lead down thick where its needed.

best bet is to go with a pic of a car in a studio setting, tha way you dont have to worry aout all the reflections, and once you have you grid and outline sorted its always good to work the shading from a picture that has been converted to black and white.

posted by  tin23uk


good work :clap:

Really great

posted by  sawa1600

Very nice work. Definitely some serious talent there. Keep up the work and posting those sketches.

posted by  Ruiner

its been awhile but heres one i drew last night K.jpg

it wouldnt fit in the scanner so the bottom got cut off, but you get the idea.

posted by  tin23uk

dude holy hell. if that is in fact your artwork, you have extreme talent! very cool!:clap:

posted by  bullrage2003

You do a great job!!!
Can I put them on my website?

posted by  kj21

sure thing so long as you dont mind using the watermarked version, i found someone using my art and claiming credit for it so i reported them and figured i better watermark them to stop anyone else claiming them as there own and trying to sell prints of them.

now i gots to go on the hunt for any more of my sketches that aint watermarked.

and thanks for all the nice comments, its the positive comments that keep me drawing.

posted by  tin23uk

Mine's not nearly as good as the other guy's stuff (very good!) but figured I'd add one of own from art class:

posted by  giant016

thats pretty good too

posted by  bullrage2003

not a bad start, if you could see my first 100 or so car sketches you would get an idea of how much practice it takes to make a car look something even remotly close to realistic.

i always enjoyed drawing from a young age but i believe anyone that wants to draw can and with enough practice you will be able to draw just about anything.

your choice for the piece you posted is perfect, by only drawing small sections of things you can better train your brain to notice every line and shape and shadow instead of drawing what your brain wants you to draw. when you sit down to sketch any car your brain already has an idea of what a car should look like, ignore what you think a car should look like and instead draw what it really looks like by breaking the image down into its most basic form.

and for car sketches blending and smoothing is a must, for tight areas scruntch up a scrap of paper and squeeze one end to a sharp point, for larger areas try using cotton swabs but always start gently.

posted by  tin23uk

Sir very very good drawings...........:thumbs: :thumbs:

may i please know what do u use to make these??? i mean charcoal pencil ... plz mention all instruments.......


posted by  fireExotic

i wish i had drawing skills like you........
Btw awesome work.......:clap: :clap: :clap:

posted by  fireExotic

all i use is pencil and cotton buds for blending, i start with a mechanical pencil. after im done i go back over the areas that need to be real dark with a 6b pencil. a kneedable putty eraser usually comes in handy too.

i guess if you wanna know all instruments then i also use a ruler to draw out a reference grid before i start the outline.

posted by  tin23uk

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