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I dont know if i put this string in the right category . . .

Its more of a problem that i HAD and a theory i had for it, just getting some confirmation (or criticism :cussing: ) on it . .

Last year i needed to replace my rear tires on my car (05 cobalt). I couldnt afford all 4 new at the time . . so i settled for 2 USED tires on the back. They were very cheap and had decent tread, enough until i had money to get all 4.

BUT, they were *taller* than the tires in the front (which were stock). I didnt think that it would make a diff so i had them put on . . and i think the tallness for the stock was 65 . . and the used ones on the rear were 70. (excuse lack of tire vocabulary :-D )

I had a friend take them to get them put on and when i got it back, the first time i had to brake . . . my it felt like my ABS was kickin in when i made a decent stop. Like the ABS was EXTRA touchy. If i gradually and gently made a stop, such as like in town going slow, it didnt do it.

I oriinally thought my friend had broken something, or the shop. I checked my brakes and they were fine, plenty of pad, rotors were fine, etc.

LATER i got to thinking that maybe the ABS was *confused* . . . i began to think that maybe the axle on the back was moving at a diff speed than the axle on the front,due to tire size difference, making my car think that i was losing grip or sliding, triggering the abs? . . . if that makes sense . . .

That was backed up recently when i got all 4 new tires all around, and now the brakes work properly.

I was never aware the back wheels affected the abs, i had diff size tires on like a 323 i had (mazda) and it never made a diff . . . unless it didnt have abs (was 1st car. . . and treated as such :screwy: )

anyway . . just getting an opinion or confirmation . . . sorry about the long post, cant sleep after 3rd shift heh


posted by  Spartan3c79

ABS works by comparing the rotational velocity of the tires. if there is any disparity, within limits, it will assume the wheel(s) with the lowest rotations is/are sliding, and pulsate the brakes so the tires can regain traction and stop sliding. If the back tires are "taller" they will rotate slower than the front tires so when the brakes are applied, it will assume the back wheels are sliding. I believe the reason how hard you brake effects it is because it uses a system of varying tolerances, depending on how hard you stop. I am sure others will correct me if i am not completely correct about that.

posted by  dvdrose18

Have you done any research on this, or have you just asked the question here?

Note: Asking this type of question on a forum does not constitute research. Helping people is fine, spoon feeding them is not. How about you start with telling us everything you know about your car's ABS, and then we can clarify anything you're unsure of. If nothing else we'll find out if you want to know bad enough to put out some effort or if you're just wasting bandwidth.

posted by  vwhobo

Thanks dvd, you said what i said, just not in as many words :) I guess thats what it was then, different size tires made the ABS act up. Just was seeing if anyone could verify that ;) In case the brakes themselves may have been damaged or something.

Thank you

Hobo . . . i asked because maybe someone would know, if you dont like what someone says then just dont answer the question. Especially if youre going to sit there and talk down to someone.

I actually have asked a few people, and they couldnt say so . .

But i got my answer so thanks :)

posted by  Spartan3c79


posted by  vwhobo


Like i said, dont answer the question if you dont like it. Dont make it as if i posted something and put words in my mouth. Though you do sometimes have useful suggestions WITHOUT sarcasm, most of the time youre a ****ing ass hole, regardless of what you know about cars, thats probably ALL you know. . . . A cock sucker is a cock sucker . . and you . . . ASS . . need to wipe your chin. Afterwards go get a hug from your daddy and have him apologize for sticking that pole up your ass when you were a smaller version of your ASS-ish self.

posted by  Spartan3c79

You sure told me. I don't know what you told me, but you sure did it. So tell me this Twinkie. Why do you have this unhealthy fascination with my cock and ass? They have forums for that, but this isn’t one of them. You should try www.Spartan3c79isacumguzzlinglittlebitch.com . Really! And have fun.

posted by  vwhobo

sorry hobo, I actually knew the answer for this one, so I couldn't help but answer. And no, I didn't even have to Google this one:laughing: .

posted by  dvdrose18

I was pretty clear . . youre a cock sucker :) Youre a pathetic grouchy ass (probably OLD) man who doesnt know how to properly direct his sarcasm, has NO tact or consideration when people have a question, OH MY . . and HOW DARE THEY ask a question without rifling though EVERY page of information on the topic. The point of asking what i did was to get a 2nd opinion dvdrose gave me one and verified what i wanted to know. AFTER that, youre comments didnt matter. But thanks for lettin me blow off steam, you did benefit me after all :)

I wont be reading this thread anymore so if you want to, feel free to argue with yourself and post a reply, you never know though, my curiosity could get the better of me and ill end up looking :) Good luck with that cock sucker thing you got going on :thumbs:

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