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Hey everyone, im pretty new here and i just started getting into cars, just looking for a little bit of advice.

I have a 1998 Pontiac Sunfire GT (the exact same thing as a Chevy Cavalier)

- 4 cylinder, 2.4L, manual transmission, 5 speed

It comes stock with 150 HP and 155 ft. of torque.

Im looking to get it up to around 170 to 180 HP and torque, but without loosing MPG.

My plan is to get:

- Injen Cold Air Intake
- Open End Mufflers
- Aftermarket Headers
- and something called a new pulley system? (someone told me to get this)

The mufflers, headers, and intake is supposed to give me more HP/torque, and improve MPG slighty (so i hear).

Does anyone know if all these parts sound right? What else would you recommend?

Thanks to anyone who helps! :mrgreen:

posted by  PontiacPride


Make that a short ram not cold air intake, no company makes Cold Air Intakes for the 1998 2.4L sunfires or cavaliers :(

posted by  PontiacPride

First off, your car is an inline 4 cylinder, so I'm guessing you only need one header. Also, if an open end muffler is what I think it is (a cutout) then your car is going to sound loud and crappy.

I'm guessing the new pulley system is an overdrive pulley. When your engine is runnig there is a pulley on it to power all of your accessories. This pulley takes less power from your engine, but also delivers less power to your accessories.

I don't know if anyone does tuning of that particular car, but that might be something to look in to. It might seem crazy to spend $500 on a dyno tune for a Sunfire, but it'll be cheaper than buying all of the other parts you listed and will probably yield similar gains in hp, and I'm betting you'll actually gain MPG.

posted by  giant016

Open end mufflers will just make noise, they do nothing for performance. pulley system I am guessing an underdrive pulley...youll get maybe 10 horsepower combined.good luck

posted by  newyorker

What about putting in a Venom 400 chip in?

good idea or bad?

heres the link: les+~+Programmers/0/4/0/PONTIAC/1998/Sunfire/2.4L

posted by  PontiacPride

i uno lately ive been hearing that they are pieces of ass

posted by  newyorker

What type of chip do you recommend?

posted by  PontiacPride

hhahahahaa...... sorry... if you knew his history, you'd realise how funny that was.

posted by  windsonian

Lol oookkkkkkk

but does anyone know a decent HP chip?

posted by  PontiacPride

there is no chip for the sunfire. only out there that works good is HP tunners. but i got a 2002 2.4 sunfire and im using the gm eaton m45 supercharger small pulley heatwraped header full exhaust cobalt SS injectors ram air hood overdrive pulley and methonal injection kit.

usmcfronczak   31 Jul 2012 08:45

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