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Hi my name is Jared and i own a 2nd gen ford probe and i want to buy a right hand coversion , thats if they make one or just to buy the whole rhd car but i cant find one, so if any one knows anything about ford probes or about how i can find ar get the parts i need to make my probe rhd drive please help me out and email me at ralphj123@yahoo.com with any questions or anwsers Thanks

posted by  srfl_2008

Did they actually make any RHD probes, that is the question. Also, why do you want one?

posted by  Mathew

you'd basically have to remodel the entire cabin, as the dash is all centered towards the driver in a probe....

There was RHD Probe's made.....for export.

So for parts...look for either Mazda MX-6 or 626's in RHD, or an export RHD Probe. Basically all three are the same car.

Have at 'er.

posted by  dodgerforlife

They were made in the UK too so I guess that means they did make them.

posted by  Cliffy

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