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I own both a 2001 Camaro and a 2001 Monte Carlo SS

I plan to sell the camaro in the next few days, and souping up the monte, since i rarely see them around here.

Both have a 3800 v6 auto and both are black on black leather.

What cheaper mods could be done to a Monte to take it from 200 HP to about 300-325ish?

I was thinking about a TurboCharger, rather than a Supercharger, but have no intention of ****ing up the engine with NOS. Any thoughts?

posted by  Boolittle

I've never seen a newer turbo Monte. It's good because it'll be different, but it'll be different for a reason. Mainly because it's going to be a long, hard, and expensive project. A turbo setup would need to be completely custom as far as I know. I'm guessing the easier/cheaper route would be to pull a supercharged engine out of a newer Monte SS or GTP and drop that in there. I can't say for sure that either will fit in easily, but I think the first or second year of the SC'd Monte SS is very similar to your car.

Keep in mind that bringing a 200hp car to 300-350hp will affect other things as well. The tranny is meant to take 200hp, not 325. A 325hp front wheel drive Monte is going to have wheel hop like a mofo if you don't do some suspension work as well. I don't know what your mechanical ability or bankroll is, but this is a pretty large job.

Once again, different it good, but keep in mind that after alll of this is said and done kids who bought a sporty car to begin with will be blowing your doors off. They will have paid less, will have a ton more performance potential with just a few mods. FWD is going to hurt you, and unless you want to do some serious motor work you'll be limited to a low PSI, and your car is heavy.

If you want to spice up your car a little bit, a performance torque converter will make your car more fun to drive and probably knock off a few tenths in the quarter mile.

posted by  giant016

The 3.8 SC V6 is a pretty commonly modded motor. Common mods are the obvious ones like intake and exhaust, then people usually step up to headers, a smaller pulley, and some higher ratio rockers ( i think they run like a 1.85 but I could be wrong), and a cam.

Ive seen a couple cars modded like this making over 300whp.
Im not top sure on longevity of the drivetrain at that level though.

posted by  Enthusiast

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