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Hi guys and girls...I'm trying to help a kid out with getting her Talon running again...she's sunk every last dollar she has into the thing and really her shortest way out from here is a rebuilt's a 96, Non-Turbo, ESI...high miles are okay, I can spend between $450 and $700 depending on the actual engine we this doable? I'm trying to do this in secret, I don't want her to know I'm paying for it...I've not had much luck with the "search engines" on the net...


posted by  lpresnal

just get her a different car...sorry to say but most stuff from DSM (eagle talon, plymouth lazer, mitsubishi eclipse) is unreliable. you can get her a different car for 700 dollars, it will be more reliable trust me

posted by  newyorker

way to answer the question dipshit.

yes an engine can be had for that price but it will be high miles.

posted by  glagon1979

I provided a better solution to the problem.:thumbs:

posted by  newyorker

It may be better:roll: but suppose that girl loves her talon. I've had problem with my gsx but thats the territory of any high mileage car. A car will run as good as you take care of it in my opinion. Perform the regular maintenance and everything should run. Imo every car company will have a batch of bad cars. To answer the posters question I've seen some decent mileage(95k-110k) 420a motors going for about $500. Check out some dsm sites and forums and someone may have a good site to direct you to.

posted by  Spanky2324

I'd rather not.

posted by  windsonian

That advice wasnt directed to you, I know perfectly well you wouldnt follow a good idea even if it was 6 inches up your ass.

posted by  newyorker

So I don't have to trust you then?

posted by  windsonian

Nope...not at never try to help you anyway

posted by  newyorker

I'm sure he's crushed.

posted by  vwhobo

Sounds interesting....If a tad painful.

posted by  Cliffy

you got any good ideas Cliffy? I'll try it out :mrgreen:

posted by  windsonian

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