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There's only 48 more days left until the Challenger unveiling!! The production model will be revealed on February 6 at the Chicago Auto Show. This car is so badass, I can't wait to see it in person...


posted by  boothe

I can't wait to see what the production looks like, especially the interior. The car come out in less than a month now so I wonder if they'll be releasing new information any time soon.

I actually found this the other day on AutoBlog:
http://www.autoblog.com/2008/01/08/paint-your-pre-production-dodge-challeng er-now/

You can play with the color schemes on the Challenger: I like the patriotic red, white and blue :thumbs:

posted by  MakeItRain

I just read an article camparing it to the new GT500 mustang. I am absolutely disgusted that they are only releasing an auto trans. What kind of crap is that? honestly?

posted by  DBain

The new automatic trannies these days are so advanced and shift 100X faster than any human, so they're not all that bad.

But I can see where some of the purists would be pissed, that prefer to shift themselves with a stick.

posted by  2JZ-GTE

It also has a lot of trunk space (16.2 cubic feet)--the Accord Sedan, for contrast has 14. That Challenger wasn't made for guys like you or me. It was made for the country club type, that likes to go golfing on weekends, and they think a clutch is a woman's purse.

posted by  chris_knows

I've got to disagree with you there. The country club types I know drive things like BMW Zs and Brit cars. I'f you're thinking along the lines of Caddys and Lincolns I see what you're saying as far as the type of people and the purpose (A manual El Dorado probably wouldn't sell), but I don't see either the sporty car golfers of the old Towncar golfers being very interested in buying one of these. Seems like it's meant for the 30-40 year old guy who lusted after these as a kid but now has to cart kids and groceries around.

That being said a Challenger without a manual is a disgrace, coming from a guy that owns an auto Camaro. As far as an auto shifting faster than people can, yes, many new ones can. Unfortunatly they also drop you way the hell out of the powerband leaving you dragging ass while the manuals are blowing by you. On top of that manuals get better MPG. Shame shame if it's true Dodge.

posted by  giant016

You're probably more right than me. Still sucks that there's no manual though.

posted by  chris_knows

Well in the scheme of things it's not too too fast in the first place. With a 6.1 Hemi and a 6spd auto it'll do 0-100 in like 11 seconds. 2 seconds slower than the GT500. However the Gt500 is a std but also supercharged. Don't get me wrong I'd take a challenger anyday over a moostang, but it's not all about the speed. It's about being a super pimp. 0-100 in 11 and change is plenty quick for a big body car. I just feel it should have a 6spd std with a pistol grip. I don't need to shift myself to go faster. I want a shifter just so I can play.

posted by  DBain

From what i hear, there'll be a 6spd std next year. Not sure if they're releasing the slower models this year or next. One had a 5.7hemi and the other a 6cyl I think. Anyone know?

posted by  DBain

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